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Sheila A. Sorrentino, Leighann N. Remmert - 2020 - 960 pages

ISBN: 0323655602, 9780323655606

Known for its comprehensive coverage, readability, and visual presentation, Mosby's Textbook for Nursing Assistants, 10th Edition helps prepare you to work in long-term care, acute care, and subacute care settings - and includes a practice scenario in each chapter to enhance clinical judgment skills.... It is the most comprehensive text for CNA programs, packed with step-by-step instructions for over 100 procedures and perfect for programs that are 80 hours or longer. The lifespan coverage includes skills not only for adults and older residents, but also for maternity and pediatric patients, so you are comfortable in a variety of care settings. New chapter organization allows you to learn in manageable portions and a revitalized art program clarifies important concepts and procedural steps A clear writing style at a 7th grade reading level ensures accessibility for low-level learners. Over 100 skills outlined in pre- procedure, procedure, and post-procedure sections ensure you learn all the necessary steps to pass the skills portion of the certification exam. Complete coverage of the knowledge and skills needed to pass the state certification exam and engage in safe practice. Focus on Practice: Problem Solving provides scenarios that stimulate critical thinking about common situations encountered during practice. Focus on Math feature reviews mathematical calculations needed in various care measures and procedures. Focus on Surveys feature highlights the nursing assistant's role during state inspections. Getting a Job chapter covers the soft skills needed to seek and obtain employment. Focus on PRIDE: The Person, Family, and Yourself boxes build on chapter concepts to help promote pride in the nursing assistant, the resident, and the resident's family. Promoting Safety and Comfort boxes emphasize the importance of the patient's or resident's safety and comfort. Delegation Guidelines detail the specifics of accepting delegated tasks. Focus on Children and Older Person boxes provide age-specific information about special needs, considerations, and circumstances of children and older persons. Focus on Long-Term Care and Home Care boxes highlight information vital to providing competent care in the long-term and home care settings. Focus on Communication boxes provide guidelines for how to clearly communicate with residents and avoid comments that might make them uncomfortable. Caring About Culture boxes contain information to help you learn about the various practices of other cultures. Teamwork and Time Management boxes provide specific guidelines to help nursing assistants work most efficiently whether independently or as part of the nursing team. Chapter review questions are a useful study guide found at the end of each chapter. UPDATED! Shorter, more focused chapters help you retain important concepts and skills covered in the NATCEP certification exam. NEW and UPDATED! New chapter organization breaks material into manageable portions, improving your ability to retain important information. UPDATED! Enhanced art program illustrates important content and procedures.

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Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences


medical, nursing home care

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