Williams' Basic Nutrition & Diet Therapy14: Williams' Basic Nutrition & Diet Therapy Flashcards

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Staci Nix - 2013 - 562 pages

ISBN: 9780323083478, 0323083471

Williams' Basic Nutrition & Diet Therapy is a market leader for a reason - it provides coverage of hot topics, emerging trends, and cutting edge research, plus all the essentials for providing the best nutrition care. You'll love it for the clear, conversational writing style and vivid i...llustrations that guide you from fundamental concepts of nutrition to the application of those concepts in clinical practice. UNIQUE! Content threads share features with other LPN/LVN titles from Elsevier for a consistent learning experience. Case studies in clinical care chapters focus on related patient care problems. Critical thinking questions challenge you to analyze, apply, and combine concepts. Cultural Considerations boxes discuss how a patient's culture can affect nutritional concepts in practice. Clinical Applications and For Further Focus boxes highlight hot topics and analyze concepts and trends in depth. Chapter Challenges use true/false, multiple-choice, and matching questions to test your understanding of chapter content. Key concepts, key terms, and chapter summaries help you study more effectively and master essential content. Diet therapy guidelines include recommendations, restrictions, and sample diets for a number of major clinical conditions. Further Readings and Resources in each chapter provide focused and up-to-date print, multimedia, and online resources to supplement learning. Useful appendixes include information on cholesterol content, fiber content, cultural and religious dietary patterns, and more. NEW! Completely updated content incorporates Dietary Guidelines 2010 and Healthy People 2020 information throughout the text to ensure you have the most up-to-date content available. NEW! Colorful and engaging design makes key content easy to find and more engaging with graphic artwork and vivid images of food. NEW! Updated illustrations visually clarify important concepts and reflect current clinical practice. NEW! Integrated assets in Pageburst version: ADA Nutrition Care Process Case Studies - Answers Challenge Questions and Answers Critical Thinking Question Answers Growth Charts and Food Composition Table Appendixes 1 & 2 Nutritrac 5.0

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Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences


medical, diet therapy

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