PT110 - Lesson 10 Flashcards

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How is the Do-To-Selected function useful?

What keyboard modifier set is used to access Do-To-Selected functionality?

When you only want to apply a change to selected tracks

Alt + Shift


Describe the process of creating a drum submix. What kind of track is traditionally used as a submix destination?

1.Create an Aux Input for the submix destination

2.Route source tracks’ outputs to an internal mix bus

3.Route the internal mix bus to the Input of the Aux Input track

4.Solo-safe the Aux Input

Aux Input


What is the difference between a Basic Folder track and a Routing folding track?

Which is useful for submixing.

Basic is only a holding container for tracks.

Routing has the ability to control volume, pan, etc.

Routing is good for submixing


What process can you use to route the outputs of a set of tracks to a destination track?

Select the tracks, use the do to selected command in order to pick Track or New track.


What is the purpose of grouping tracks? How many track groups can you create in a session?

Ways to organize and control a set of tracks



What are some of the parameters that are affected by Edit groups? What are some of the parameters that can be included in a Mix group?

Edit Group Parameters

  • Track views, track heights, and track timebases
  • Elastic Audio plug-ins
  • Audio & MIDI editing, automation editing
  • Playlist views
  • Mix Group Parameters
  • Main volume
  • Track panning
  • Automation mode
  • Track mute, solo, & record enable
  • Send levels, panning, and mutes
  • Insert controls (plug-ins)


What is the keyboard shortcut to create a Mix or Edit group from selected tracks?



How can you enable or disable a single group? How can you globally suspend all groups? How can you visually tell when groups have been suspended?

  • Click the group name in the Group List
  • Choose Suspend All Groups from the Group List
    pop-up menu or Ctrl+Shift+G (Windows)
  • Names will be dimmed


How can you identify group membership of tracks in the Mix window?

  • Lower case letter indicates single group membership
  • Upper case letter indicates multiple group membership


How can you quickly select all members of a group? How might this be useful?

Click on the circle to the left of the group name

For Send routing


What are some options for modifying or deleting a group?

  • In the Mix window, click a Group ID indicator and choose Modify Group
  • Right-click the group name in the Group List and choose Modify Group


What is the purpose of the All group? Can you modify track membership or delete this group?

  • Combines all tracks into one large group for global changes
  • Overrides any other active groups
  • Membership cannot be modified; group cannot be deleted


When is it necessary to apply Dither? Where should you insert a dither plug-in?

When you are going from 24 or 32 bit to a 16 bit

On Master Fader


What is noise shaping used for in a dither plug-in? How is noise shaping used by the POW-r dither plug-in?

To improve signal to noise

Reduces perceptible noise by moving it to a less audible range


What are the steps involved in creating a session archive? Why is it important to use the Save Copy In command before compacting sound files?

  • Step 1: Clear Unused Clips
  • Step 2: Create a Session Copy
  • Step 3: Compact Sound Files