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Jacqueline Jones, Peter H. Wood, Thomas Borstelmann, Vicki L. Ruiz - 2010 - 408 pages

ISBN: 0205728898, 9780205728893

Explores American History through the theme of equality. With its inclusive view of American history, Created Equal, Brief Edition emphasizes social history–including the lives, labors, and legacies of women, immigrants, working people, and minorities in all regions of the country–while deliverin...g the fundamental elements of political and economic history. In the new edition of Created Equal, the authors have preserved the chronological framework and strong narrative thread, the engaging and illuminating stories of everyday people and events, and the Interpreting History features of the previous edition, but have sharpened the presentation, prose, and pedagogy by incorporating additional examples and end of chapter review material.

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Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR


history, united states

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