Give Me Liberty!: To 1877 Flashcards

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Eric Foner - 2011 - 584 pages

ISBN: 039391190X, 9780393911909

Give Me Liberty! is the leading textbook in the market because it works in the classroom. A single-author book, Give Me Liberty! offers students a consistent approach, a single narrative voice, and a coherent perspective throughout the text. Threaded through the chronological narrative is the theme ...of freedom in American history and the significant conflicts over its changing meanings, its limits, and its accessibility to various social and economic groups throughout American history. With the Seagull Edition, students get the full text in a value-edition format: two-color, a selection of the illustrations and maps in the regular edition, and a basic version of the pedagogy. The price is half that of the regular edition, and less than the Brief Edition.

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Publisher: W.W. Norton


history, united states

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