Nutrition and Diet Therapy Flashcards

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Carroll A. Lutz, Karen Rutherford Przytulski - 2010 - 588 pages

ISBN: 0803622023, 9780803622029

AJN Book of the Year 2010 Be prepared to meet the ever-changing demands of providing quality nutritional care for patients. This popular text, developed jointly by a nurse and a dietitian, provides a strong foundation in the science of nutrition and a clear understanding of how to apply that in practice. The 5th Edition is more reader friendly than ever, with a new contemporary, full-color design and a wealth of online tools and resources for students and instructors. Highlights include the many pictures, charts, tables, care plans, and assessment tools. It effectively combines nursing care with the nutritional information pertinent to today's classroom and practice settings. It's ideal for stand-alone nutrition courses, programs that offer nutrition as part of Medical-Surgical, Fundamentals, or Pediatrics classes, or as a supplement to any nutrition content.

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Publisher: F.A. Davis Company


medical, diet therapy, nursing, nutrition

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