Addictive Behaviors and Drug Use Quiz Flashcards

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Psychoactive drugs change mood or behavior by acting on

brain chemistry


Which of the following drug factors is the relationship between when a drug was taken and the intensity of its effect?

dose-response function


Under the influence of CNS stimulants, heart rate and blood pressure are decreased.



Which of the following is NOT a CNS stimulant?



Antianxiety agents are also known as



Consequences of marijuana use as they relate to male fertility include all of the following EXCEPT

increased progesterone levels.


Choose a perspective on the question of drug legalization OR on the issue of drug testing in the workplace. Present at least three points or arguments in support of your position.

The issue on drug testing in a workplace are the costs can be high, violation of privacy, false positives on drug tests, as well as the sanitary of peeing in a cup.


Which of the following drugs is an opioid?



Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a work-addicted individual?

an individual who does not work during family time


Carl is a junior in college. Over the last 12 months, he has spent his weekends drinking alcohol and playing poker. He does not drink on weekdays but occasionally uses amphetamines to stay awake during the all-night poker games. He then takes Valium so that he can sleep during the day and be rested for the next night's game. Carl's friends are worried that Carl is hooked on drugs and that he can't stop, but Carl claims he has no problem with his drug use. Carl boasts that he can drink more beer now than he could when he first came to college without becoming as intoxicated or having a hangover the next day. He dismisses the risks associated with mixing alcohol with other drugs like Valium, stating that only people who don't know what they are doing have problems. Carl attends his classes, although he has been missing the early Monday class, and his overall grade-point average has dropped this semester.

Carl's biggest health risk from his current pattern of drug use is

respiratory depression


Jane frequently goes to dance clubs and raves with her friends. Which CNS depressant is often used as a "date rape drug" in these environments?



A person who has a long history of abusing depressants is at a higher risk of brain damage, with impaired ability to reason and make judgments.



People who are under the influence of drugs are at greater risk of injury than those who are not under the influence of drugs.



List and explain (a) four factors that increase the likelihood that someone will misuse illicit drugs and (b) four factors that decrease the likelihood that someone will try illicit drugs.

a- addictive personality, environment, heredity, s thrill-seeker

b- self-control, strong family, disapprove of drug use, got to church


When Tim experiments with different drugs and dosages, he experiences very different effects. List and describe the five drug factors that cause these different effects.

pharmacological properties- overall effects on body chemistry,behavior, and psychology.dose-response function- is the relationship between the amount of drug taken and the intensity and type of effect.time-action function- is the relationship between time elapsed since the drug was taken and the intensity of the effect.Drug-use history- influences the effects of, and response to a drug.Method of drug use- directly affects the strength of the response.


Perhaps the most well-known medication for drug abuse is



Which of the following would NOT be considered a psychoactive drug?



Women who use amphetamines during pregnancy risk

stillbirth, early infant death, premature birth


Which of the following statements about addiction is FALSE?

Research suggests that addiction is caused by a single factor.


Which of the following is an example of codependent behavior?

Susan called her boyfriend's boss to say he was sick and couldn't come into work; in truth, he was hung over.