ATI Skills Module - Airway Management Flashcards

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A nurse is preparing to perform endotracheal (ET) tube care and plans to use tape to secure the tube. Which of the following is an appropriate preparatory action for this procedure?

Have tincture of benzoin ready to apply to the patient's face.

Open a package of sterile gloves so they are ready to use.

Cut a piece of tape that reaches posteriorly from naris to naris.

Prepare an astringent solution for cleaning the patient's face.

Have tincture of benzoin ready to apply to the patient's face.


A nurse is performing chest physiotherapy for a patient who needs help mobilizing and expectorating thick pulmonary secretions. To increase the turbulence of the air the patient exhales, the nurse should use which of the following techniques?

Postural drainage






A nurse is preparing to suction secretions from the mouth of a pt who has dysphagia. Which of the following is appropriate suction device or method for the nurse to use?

in line suctioning

Yankauer catheter

bulb syringe

open suctioning

Yankauer catheter


a nurse is caring for a pt who sustained trauma to his head and neck and will require long-term airway support. wotf devices will be required for home health care for this pt?

nasopharyngeal airway
oropharyngeal airway
endotracheal tube
tracheostomy tube

Tracheostomy tube


a nurse is caring for a pt who has a cuffed endotracheal tube in place. wotf is an appropriate component of ET tube care for this pt?

repositioning the ET tube in the pt's mouth every 12 hr
providing oral every 24hrs
applying the securing tape over the pt's ears
maintaining a cuff pressure of 30mm HG

Repositioning the ET tube in the patient's mouth every 12 hr


During trach care, which of the following should the nurse place underneath the flanges of the outer cannula?

commercially prepared transparent dressing
cotton filled gauze squares
commercially prepared fenestrated dressing
twill tape

Commercially prepared fenestrated dressing


a nurse is suctioning a pt's airway using in-line suctioning. when using this method, it is appropriate for the nurse to

hyperoxygenate the pt before disconnecting the ventilator
apply suction pressure while advancing the catheter
wear a face shield during the procedure
reuse the catheter repeatedly

reuse the catheter repeatedly


a nurse is caring for a pt who has a tracheostomy tube with an inner cannula in place. wotf supplies should the nurse use to dry the inner canula of the pt's tracheostomy tube after cleaning it?

paper towels
cotton-tipped applicators
folded pipe cleaners
facial tissue

Folded pipe cleaners