Chapter 35 Nutrition Flashcards

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Fundamental of Nursing
nursing fundamentals
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What vitamin is synthesized with an adequate supply of carbohydrates?

Vitamin K


The nurse is reviewing the health assessment of a client. The nurse is concerned that the client may have a deficiency of Vitamin D. Which condition most supports this suspicion?



The nurse is caring for a client on a telemetry unit following a myocardial infarction. The client has undergone numerous medication changes since the event. Which food should be avoided when a client is taking warfarin sodium following a myocardial infarction?



The nurse is caring for a patient who has dysphagia and is unable to eat independently. While assisting the patient in eating, which of the following actions is most appropriate for the nurse?

Speak to the patient, but reduce the number of distractions while patient is eating.


The nurse is teaching a new mother who is not breast-feeding her infant. What nutrient must be supplemented by the mother?



A nurse in a clinic is caring for a female client who is of childbearing age. Which vitamins or minerals should the nurse recommend to prevent neural tube defects during pregnancy?

Folic acid


A nurse is caring for a client who had an appendectomy earlier in the day. The client now has bowel sounds and is passing flatus. Which food is appropriate for the nurse to serve to the client at this time?

Apple juice


A nurse is caring for a client with a nasogastric tube. The nurse enters the room to flush the nasogastric tube and check gastric residual. Which action should the nurse perform first?

Elevate the head of the bed.


A nurse is caring for an older adult client who is admitted with failure to thrive to a medical surgical unit. Which laboratory value would the nurse expect to find with this diagnosis?

Blood urea nitrogen 15 mg/dL (5.35 mmol/L)


A nurse is planning a high-energy diet for a client. What nutrient provides energy to the body and should be increased in the diet?



The nurse is performing a nutritional assessment of an obese client who visits a weight control clinic. What information should the nurse take into consideration when planning a weight reduction plan for this client?

Psychological reasons for overeating should be explored, such as eating as a release for boredom.


Which nursing action is performed according to guidelines for aspirating fluid from a small-bore feeding tube?

If fluid is obtained when aspirating, measure its volume and pH and flush the tube with water.


A nurse is conducting client education with a woman who meets the diagnostic criteria for metabolic syndrome. The nurse is teaching the client about the MyPlate tool for promoting healthy food intake. According to MyPlate, the highest proportion of food in each meal should consist of what?

Vegetables 30%


A nursing student is teaching healthy nutrition to a client who is vegetarian. Which statement by the nursing student requires the nursing instructor to intervene?

blueberries, Cocoa


A nursing student is teaching healthy nutrition to a client who is vegetarian. Which statement by the nursing student requires the nursing instructor to intervene?

“Obesity is closely linked with vegetarianism.”


The nurse is teaching a community group about reading food labels. When teaching about avoidance of refined sugar, the nurse will teach people to avoid foods containing which ingredients?

molasses, corn syrup, corn sweetener, brown sugar


What best defines ideal body weight (IBW)?

optimal weight for optimal health


A client resides in a long-term care facility. Which nursing intervention would promote increased dietary intake?

Encourage the client to eat in the dining room.


A nurse is reviewing a client's laboratory values. Which laboratory value would be indicative of a client’s level of malnutrition?

Serum albumin


A client with anemia has been prescribed injections of cyanocobalamin. Which foods high in this vitamin will the nurse also recommend that the client consume? (Select all that apply.)

lean steak, milk, yogurt, saltwater fish