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_________ is a process that occurs after encoding that is believed to stabilize memory traces.



At which stage does memory failure typically occur?

Any stage


Every time you eat cotton candy, you are reminded of the time you went to a carnival with your best friend and ate cotton candy until you were sick. In this scenario, the cotton candy represents:

the retrieval cue


Participants were given a word list with the following words: table, restaurant, food, silverware, plate, service, and waiter. Later, when asked to recall the words, many participants accidentally included the word dinner, even though it was not on the list. This phenomena is referred to as:

Deese-Roediger-McDermott (DRM) effect


Bryan is chatting with a friend and tells the friend that the capital of China is Beijing, but in the past had been called Peking. His friend remarks that this is fascinating, and asks when Bryan learned that. Bryan thinks for a moment and then says, “I don’t really know.” The information about Beijing/Peking was likely retrieved from Bryan’s:

Semantic memory


Which of the following best captures how memory works?

Memories are reconstructions of the event, which makes them susceptible to inaccuracy


If old experiences disrupt recall of new experiences, this is referred to as:

Proactive interference.


The testing effect refers to:

Repeated self-testing as a way to enhance retention of information


Your drive to school each day is pretty standard – you start your car, take the same route, and park in the same spot (or close to the same spot). One day, you are sitting at a red light when you witness a high speed car chase – complete with cops, a helicopter, and news vans. Even years later, you can recall lots of details from that drive. Which memory concept is associated with why you will remember that particular drive to school?



Andre grew up in New Orleans and was present when Hurricane Katrina occurred. His family, his community, and Andre share a ________ memory of this event.



Levi met a cute girl on the street. The girl gave Levi her number and Levi is trying to remember the digits until he can write it down when he finds a paper and pencil. Levi is using what type of memory to remember the girl’s phone number?

Working memory


Marcela can clearly remember the moment she learned about the events of Sept. 11, 2001. She vividly recalls when her teacher walked in and turned on the news – the face of the firefighter she saw is permanently etched in her brain. She remembers who was sitting next to her and what she was wearing. This scenario describes what phenomenon?

Flashbulb memory


When Carla was discussing the party with one of her friends, she was trying to remember a conversation she’d had. Carla was trying to access her:

Episodic memory


Episodic memory is the memory system that holds what kind of information?

Autobiographical knowledge


“Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” (PEMDAS) is a popular way for math teachers to help their students remember the order of operations (Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, Addition and Subtraction). This is an example of:

Mnemonic devices