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Alfred takes an IQ test at ages 25 and 55, measuring his fluid and crystallized intelligence. Based on research of their respective developmental trajectories, what are most likely changes in these two areas that we would see?

His fluid intelligence would decrease with age, whereas his crystallized intelligence would increase.


Howard Gardner proposed that:

Intelligence is comprised of multiple intelligences - a model that claims there are eight different types of intelligence that are independent of each other.


Banafsheh is a female student in a graduate program in pure mathematics. On the first day of classes, she notices that she is one of the only females in the group. Consequently, she feels more conscious of her gender in that situation. At the start of the class, the instructor gives each student a written quiz to assess their current level of knowledge. When taking this test, Banafsheh, being particularly aware of her gender, is most likely to experience which of the following phenomena?

stereotype threat


According to the Flynn Effect, which of the following would be the most accurate prediction about intelligence?

When Chris takes a test of intelligence and his grandson Abraham takes an equivalent test 50 years later, Abraham will have a higher score.


Spearman viewed G as the general factor of intelligence. From his perspective:

People who score high in one sub-area, such as math, tend also to score high on other sub-areas such as verbal scores.


"________ ground" refers to the information that is shared by people who engage in conversation. It allows for communication between speaker and listener to make coherent sense to both parties.



Which of the following pairs of psychologists were responsible for the first recognized test of intelligence quotient, or IQ?

Binet and Simon


Intelligence is:

an individual's cognitive capacity, including the ability to acquire, process, recall and apply information


Kai has now learned that the past participle of "run" is "ran", and no longer incorrectly says "runned". In which area of language development is he progressing here?



Which linguist(s) proposed that the thoughts that an individual has are determined by the language that he or she uses?

Sapir and Whorf


When people are aware of stereotypes about their social group as it relates to scores on intelligence tests:

Fear may undermine their performance.


According to researcher Carol Dweck, when children believe that their intelligence is changeable and evolving, they experience a(n) ________ mindset. She notes that this mindset is healthier than other beliefs about one's own intelligence.



With regards to language Dunbar argues that animals with larger brains, particularly humans, are more likely to _________.

Live together in social groups


Leonard is a psychotherapist and is very good at his job partly because he has a strong sense of empathy for others. Which type of intelligence from Gardner's multiple intelligences theory does this most clearly indicate?



A _______________ is a mental representation of an event, object, or situation constructed at the time of comprehending a linguistic description.

Situation model