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Saint Denis was

is said to have brought Christianity to France


Suger believed that his ideas about light in architecture were based on

Saint Denis himself


Distinguishing characteristics of the "chevet" or choir (the area formerly called apse) of St. Denis built under Suger include

all of the above: large windows, shallow radiating chapels, diagonally placed piers, and pointed arches


Suger initiated the rebuilding of the church of St. Denis

in the 1140s


The church of St. Denis was important to the kings of France because it

(b) contained the tombs of the earliest French kings and (c) housed the royal regalia used in coronation ceremonies


We know about Suger's ideas about art and the projects he supervised at the monastery and church of St. Denis because

he wrote a kind of diary


The flying buttress allowed Gothic architecture churches to be

(b) taller , (c) lighter in structure, and (d) more filled with stained glass


Abbot Suger

(b) was advisor to kings of France and Regent during the 2nd Crusade and (c) is said to have introduced the Gothic style


The main difference(s) between the Gothic style developed under Abbot Suger and that of the Rayonnant phase of Gothic architecutre include(s)

a) Rayonnant had greater lightness of structure and (c the Rayonnant rose window looks like a flower held together by delicate stone tracery


The church of St. Denis is important in the history of medieval art because it was the

(c) first place the Gothic style was introduced and (d) influential on later developments in medieval architectural style


Key concerns of Suger's that had a direct impact on the design of the parts of St. Denis he supervised were:

(a) light and (b)unity


Abbot Suger believed

material splendor and physical light lead to spiritual enlightenment


In response to the new ideas and style introduced by Suger at St. Denis, newly built and rebuilt French churches experimented with

all of the above: greater lightness of the structure, greater height, the flying buttress


Suger never got to see all of St Denis rebuilt. however, the part(s) that was/were rebuilt under him include(s)

(b) the choir and (c) the western entrance


Key element(s) of Gothic churches that distinguish it from Romanesque ones are

all of the above: pointed arches, ribbed groin vaults, lightness of structure, and large windows