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The American Pageant
Chapters 26-29
Chapters 26-29 6 exam Q's
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The Supreme Court in Lochner v. New York dealt a setback to progressives and labor advocates by ruling that

a law limiting the work day to ten hours a day was unconstitutional.


The panic of 1907 stimulated reform in ____ policy.



The public outcry after the horrible Triangle Shirtwaist fire led many states to pass

laws regulating the hours and conditions of sweatshop toil.


In Muller v. Oregon, the Supreme Court upheld the principle promoted by progressives like Florence Kelley and Louis Brandeis that

female workers required special rules and protection on the job.


Two key goals pursued by progressives were to curb the threats posed by ____ on the one hand and ____ on the other.

trusts; socialists


When Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle, he intended his book to focus attention on the

plight of workers in the stockyards and meat-packing industry.


According to the progressives, the cure for American democracy's ills was

more democratic institutions and procedures.


During his presidency, Theodore Roosevelt did all of the following except

move America toward large-scale corporate capitalism. (Exam)


The essential "heart" of the progressive movement was to

use the government as an agency of human welfare.


With regard to economic policy, Theodore Roosevelt should be remembered as the American president who

tried to tame adolescent American capitalism by finding a middle road between pure individualism and socialism.


As World War I began in Europe, Germany and Austria-Hungary were allied in the ____, while Russia, Britain, and France were in the (exam)

Central Powers; Allies (exam)


Congress passed the Underwood Tariff Bill in 1913 in order to

lower tariff rates


In the Sussex pledge, Germany promised

not to sink passenger ships without warning.


The Federal Reserve Act gave the U.S. government the authority to

expand or contract the amount of money in circulation. (Exam)


Woodrow Wilson's political philosophy included all of the following except

the necessity of bargaining and compromise in politics.


Woodrow Wilson's approach to American foreign policy could best be described as



Which of the following American passenger liners was sunk by German submarines?

None of these was an American ship.


Woodrow Wilson displayed the limits of his progressivism by

promoting further segregation of African Americans


The Clayton Anti-Trust Act

All of these


The British government effectively encouraged American sympathy with their cause in the war by

spreading anti-German propaganda and censoring war stories harmful to Britain.


The New Immigrants who came to the United States after 1880

had experience with democratic governments.

continued to immigrate from Britain and western Europe.

were culturally different from previous immigrants.

received a warm welcome from the Old Immigrants.

most began contemplating moving once they felt the tug of the American magnet.

were culturally different from previous immigrants.


In the decades after the Civil War, changes in sexual attitudes and practices were reflected in all of the following except

soaring divorce rates.

the spreading practice of birth control.

marriage at an earlier age.

increasingly frank discussion of sexual topics.

critiques of women's roles as mothers.

marriage at an earlier age.


Charles Darwin's theory of evolution explicitly rejected the "dogma of special creation" by

reconciling Biblical teaching and modern science.

universally appealing to all scientists, who accepted his idea of natural selection without question.

appealing to a literal interpretation of the Bible.

advocating a theory which proposed that evolution takes place by a process which is completely orderly and predictable.

providing a material explanation for the evolutionary process.

universally appealing to all scientists, who accepted his idea of natural selection without question. (Exam)


The philosophy of pragmatism maintains that ____ is/are important.

the practical consequences of an idea

the logically correct formulation of a theory

foregoing materialism in favor of high ideals

how you think, not what you do

knowledge is innate in the human mind

the practical consequences of an idea


The Morrill Act of 1862

established women's colleges like Vassar.

required compulsory school attendance through high school.

established the modern American research university.

mandated racial integration in public schools.

provided grants of public land to the states for support of public higher education.

provided grants of public land to the states for support of public higher education.(exam)


Which of the following schools became a prominent scholarly academic institution for African Americans in the late 1800s?

Howard University

Harvard University

Purdue University

the University of Chicago

Temple University

Howard University


By 1900, advocates of women's suffrage

argued that women's biology gave them a fundamentally different character from men.

insisted on women's equal natural and human rights.

formed strong alliances with African-Americans seeking voting rights.

argued that the vote would enable women to extend their roles as mothers and homemakers to the public world.

were willing to accept separate women's education as the price of gaining the vote.

argued that the vote would enable women to extend their roles as mothers and homemakers to the public world.


Booker T. Washington believed that the key to political and civil rights for African Americans was

the vote.

rigorous academic training.


political protest.

economic security.

economic security.


General Lewis Wallace's novel Ben Hur

achieved success only after his death.

was based on a popular early movie.

advocated social reform while setting its story in the ancient Roman world.

was based on Wallace's experiences in the Civil War.

defended Christianity against Darwinism.

defended Christianity against Darwinism.


One of the early symbols of the dawning era of consumerism in urban America was

celebrity endorsements of products.

the Sears catalog.

advertising billboards.

public transportation systems.

the rise of department stores.

the rise of department stores.


A major problem faced by settlers on the Great Plains in the 1870s was

the scarcity of water. (Exam)


Arrange the following events in chronological order: (A) Congress passes Dawes Severalty Act; (B) Oklahoma land rush; (C) Indians are granted full American citizenship; (D) Congress restores the tribal basis of Indian life in the Indian Reorganization Act.