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The dissolution of surfaces and study of local color was central to _______ art, which is dramatically evident in a series of canvases depicting_______ from a variety of angles during different times of the day and seasons.

A) Pierre-Auguste Renoir's; The Garden of Montmarte

B) Claude Monet's; Rouen Cathedral

C) Paul Cezanne's; Mont-Sainte-Victorie

D)Edouard Manet's; Haystacks

B) Claude Monet's; Rouen Cathedral


The word ______ is derived from the French and means rebirth.

A) Mannerism

B) Renaissance

C) Baroque

D) Archaic

E) Resurrection

B) Renaissance


Considered a true Renaissance man, _______ excelled in engineering, the natural sciences, anatomy, music, and technological prototypes, not to mention creating some of the world's best loved paintings.

A) Leonardo da Vinci

B) Michelangelo

C) Raphael

D) Bramante

E) Piero della Francesca

A) Leonardo da Vinci


The ________ were a huge network of galleries and burial chambers beneath the city of Rome where Christians worshipped in secret and buried their dead.

A) minarets

B) apses

C) catacombs

D) shrines

E) Subterraneans

C) Catacombs


The massive dome of Hagie Sophia appears to be light and graceful due to ______.

A) its pendentive construction

B) light filtering through arched windows at its base

C) gold mosaics in its dome

D) an oculus in the dome

B) light filtering through arched windows at its base


Perhaps the most famous surviving tapestry is the 230-foot long Romanesque period Bayeux Tapestry, which describes _______ in a continuous narrative.

A) feudal lords and ladies dancing

B) the invasion of Italian city-states by the Normans

C) Pope Urban reclaiming the Holy Lands from the Turks

D) the invasion of England by William the Conqueror

E) the Crusades of the Knights Templar

D) the invasion of England by William the Conqueror


In the apse of St. Peter's, Bernini combined architecture, sculpture, and stained glass to produce the brilliant golden display known as the ______.

A) Tempietto

B) Baldacchino

C) Pieta

D) Confessio

E) Cathedra Petri

E) Cathedra Petri


In both of their paintings of Judith Decapitating Holofernes, Carvaggio and Artemisia Gentileschi utilized a harsh, theatrical "spotlight" effect known as the _______.

A) trompe l'oeil

B) tenebrism

C) pointillism

D) optism

E) Chiraroscuro

B) tenebrism


It is obvious that Paul Gauguin's Vision After the Sermon is a Synthetic painting because _______.

A) of the flatly painted forms

B) the lighting is very dramatic

C) it combines unnaturalistic color with symbolism

D) it is so shockingly realistic

C) it combines unnaturalistic color with symbolism


Which of the following of ceramics is fired at the lowest temperature?

A) Earthenware

B) Stoneware

C) Terra cotta

D) Porcelain

E) Chinese Porcelain

A) Earthenware


The prehistoric Stonehenge is one of the earliest examples of ______ construction, in which two stones were set vertically and a third stone laid across them, creating an opening beneath.

A) Vault

B) Arch

C) Post-and-Lintel

D) Dome

E) Half timber

C) Post-and-lintel


One of the earliest and most famous "fertility" figurines from the Paleolithic period is the ________.

A) Peplos Kore

B) Venus of Willendorf

C) Venus de Milo

D) Statue of Khafre

B) Venus of Willendorf


The Pantheon's dome is _______ to lessen the weight of it both physically and visually.

A) Open

B) Gilded

C) Coffered

D) Chamfered

E) Carved

C) Coffered


The ______ was a multileveled temple designed by the religion-oriented Sumerians but built by the later Babylonians and Assyrians.

A) Royal audience hall

B) Ziggurat

C) Tholos

D) Treasury

E) Basilica

B) Ziggurat


In Weaving, the lengthwise fibers are called the _____.

A) Warp

B) Weft

C) Woof

D) Base

A) Warp


The circles, squares, patterning, and rigid, wedge shaped torsos depicted on the Dipylon vase indicate that it is a fine example of the _______ period of Greek art.

A) Archaic

B) Classical

C) Geometric

D) Hellenistic

E) Corinthian

C) Geometric


Although much roman art is stylistically derived from Greece, portrait sculptures like Head of a Roman are notable for their incredible ______, made possible by _______.

A) Idealization; Greek sculpture busts

B) Abstraction; plaster face casts

C) Realism; wax death masks

D) Stylization; ripples and crevices

C) Realism; wax death masks


The two most significant innovations in building and design introduced by the Romans were the ________, which made construction of the Pantheon possible.

A) Arch and concrete

B) Dome and vault

C) Amphitheather and the colosseum

D) Aqueduct and the arch

E) Dome and the basilica

A) Arch and concrete


*What is the definition of architecture?

It is the art and science of designing buildings, bridges, and other major structures.