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The approach of William Lloyd Garrison and the liberator can be seen as directly challenging the approach of

the American Colonization Society


Garrison's views would most likely get support from which of the following

John Quincy Adams


Which other group would agree with Garrison on the basic principles outlined in the passage

Native Americans


Which of following Amendments to the Constitution is most directly an example of the sentiments expressed above

The Twenty-first Amendment, which repealed the prohibition of alcohol


Which of the following best describes a contributing factor in the crafting of the US Constitution

The weaknesses of the AOC led James Madison to question their efficacy and prompted a formation of the Constitutional Congress in 1787


Which of the following statements is most accurate regarding the existence of political parties in the early US

After the drafting of the Constitution, continued debates about states' rights and competing economic interests led to the formation of political parties such as the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans


Dorothea Dix's testimony to the Massachusetts legislature reflects the influence of which of the following

The Second Great Awakening


Dorothea Dix's research and testimony is best understood in the context of

the rise of voluntary organizations to promote religious and secular reforms


The ideas expressed in the excerpt (Seneca Falls) most directly challenged the prevailing ideal in the early 19th century

women should focus on the home and the domestic sphere


Which of the following developments in the second half of the nineteenth century best represented the continuation of the ideas expressed in the declaration?

A movement focused on women's voting rights


Many supporters of the declaration in 1848 broke ranks with which of the following groups by the 1870's

Supporters of the 15th Amendment


The issue that precipitated the passage excerpted (Calhoun, SC Protest) was

the passage of an act creating higher tariff rates


The argument put forth by John C. Calhoun states a position in a debate that is most similar to which of the following debates from earlier in US history

The debate over replacing the AOC with the Constitution


The language of "protest" that Calhoun used in his "Exposition and Protest" was similar to the language of which of the following political positions

The response of New England Federalists to the War of 1812


The sentiments expressed in the excerpt by Abigail Adams best exemplify which of the following ideologies

Jeffersonian democracy


The sentiments expressed in the excerpt by Susan B. Anthony are most likely in support of

universal suffrage


Both Susan B. Anthony and Abigail Adams excerpts support which of the following conclusions

Women's rights movements flourished in response to inconsistent legislation and unequal distributions of power throughout the nation


Which of the following groups would most likely support Calhoun's views (healthy relationships between Africans and whites)

Southern landowners


Which of the following most directly undermines Calhoun's assertations

Many slaves engaged in forms of resistance to slavery


In the 1840's and 1850's, the views expressed by Calhoun most directly contributed to

increased sectional divisions between the North and the South


In his opinion on the case Dred Scott vs Sandford, Chief Justice Roger Taney upheld the sentiment above (slaveholders have decided advantage over opposition) by stating that

Congress had no right to regulate slavery in US territories


In what way did the actions of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 contradict Douglass;s sentiments

Lincoln favored the exclusion of slavery from any of the new territories


The excerpt from Douglass is most clearly an example of which of the following developments in the mid-19th century

Southern influence upon the federal government to defend the institution of slavery


Which of the following groups would be most likely to support the perspective of Douglass

Northern Republicans in the 1860's


Douglass was most influenced by which of the following social movements

Second Great Awakening


Supreme Court decisions concerning American Indian tribes in 1831 and 1832

denied them the right to sue in federal court but affirmed their rights to land that was traditionally theirs


Which of the following factors are most likely to have caused the migration in the map (Southeastern Indian lands)

Federal Executive branch mandates


Which event in Native American history is least similar to the migration depicted in the map above

King Philip's War


Which of the following is true of the Dawes Severalty Act of 1887

It was an attempt to assimilate Indians into American society through individual land grants


Which of the following best states the principle described above (The Great Nation of Futurity)

America's expansion to the West Coast was inevitable and divinely sanctioned


Between 1820 and 1854, the greatest number of immigrants to the US came from



Which of the following best describes the effect of the American rail system in the 19th century

Government subsidy of the railroads enabled markets to expand and for production to become more efficient


Which of the following changes in westward migration is most likely to have occurred in the 1840's

The number of pioneers header for the Oregon territory decreased while the number headed for California greatly increased


By what means did the US take possession of the Oregon Territory

Great Britain ceded it to the US as part of a negotiated treaty


Which of the following presidents is most closely associated with the concept of Manifest Destiny

James K. Polk


Which of the following was an immediate consequence of the secession of South Carolina

Other Southern States seceded from the Union, forming the Confederacy


The sentiments above (SC reasons for secession) are most consistent with which of the following ideologies

States' Rights


In the excerpt (SC reasons for secession), the reference to "the sanctions of a more erroneous religious belief" most probably refers to

Christian abolitionist rejection of slavery on moral grounds


Which of the following best explains why South Carolina chose to secede from the Union in 1860

Lincoln's election on a Free Soil platform led Southern politicians to conclude that secession was necessary


A major weakness of the AOC was that they

made it too difficult for the government to raise money through taxes and duties


The most notable achievement of the US under the AOC was

the provision for land sales in the Northwest that would benefit the entire nation


The Sugar Act of 1764 represented a major shift in British policy toward the colonies in that, for the first time, the British

levied taxes aimed at raising revenue rather than regulating trade


In harmony with the excerpt sentiments (The Sugar Act), which of the following does not represent the views of Prime Minister Grenville after the French and Indian War

He wanted to reward the colonies through his extension of "salutary neglect"


The goals presented in the excerpt (Sugar Act) have the most in common with which of the following

Increasing federal income tax rates after World War 1


In the excerpt (Jackson: Veto of the US Bank), which quote best explains why Jackson chose to veto the re-charter of the Second Bank

"interests are identified with those of foreign stockholders"


Which of the following events most directly caused the formation of the Second Bank of the US

Unregulated currency and federal debts after the War of 1812


The debate over the First Bank was significant because it raised the issue of

how strictly the Constitution should be interpreted


The election of 1824 marked a turning point in presidential politics because, for the first time,

the system of choosing nominees by congressional caucus failed


John Taylor of Carolina was a Virginia senator who served in office from 1792 to 1824. He distrusted large banking institutions and generally defended the institution of slavery. He was once quoted as saying that "...if Congress could incorporate a bank, it might emancipate a slave." He is best catergorized as

a Jeffersonian Democrat


The Puritans believed that the freedom to practice religion should be extended to

Puritans only


Consistent with the excerpt (of Roger Williams), Roger Williams was banished from Massachusetts Bay in 1636 for advocating

the separation of church and state


The First Great Awakening can be seen as a direct response to which of the following

The Enlightenment


Puritan emigration from England came to a near halt between the years 1649 and 1660 because, during that period,

the Puritans controlled the English government


Which of the following documents encouraged church membership in the Massachusetts Bay Colony

The Halfway Covenant


The image of President Jackson was a reaction by his opponents to all of the following EXCEPT

the appointment of Taney to be the Chief Justice in the Supreme Court


The political battle over the Bank of the United States resulted in which of the following

Became one of the reasons for the Panic of 1837