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A civil union is _______

A legally recognized union that offers similar state-provided legal rights and benefits provided by marriage.


The divorce rate in the United States _____

has been rising steadily since the nineteenth century


Kinship networks are _____

strings of relationships between people related by blood and marriage


How did the Industrial Revolution affect the division of labor between men and women, especially among middle-class families?

Men began to work outside the home for a wage, while women stayed at home to manage the household and raise children.


What is the most frequent form of family violence?

siblings abusing siblings


The Tobachnik family has one son and two daughters. The children are assigned chores around the house. The son mows the lawn and takes out the garbage. The daughters do laundry, help with house cleaning, and clean up after meals. This distribution of the chores is an example of what?

how gender roles are learned at home


In the last few decades, women have joined the workforce in greater numbers and their earning power has increased. What has happened to the sharing of domestic responsibilities between men and women?

Women still take on a greater share of domestic tasks than their male partners.


According to welfare critics, ________ sets in for many welfare recipients, and they become so used to receiving government aid that they lose interest in looking for work and trying to get off welfare rolls.

a cycle of dependency


Which of the following are characteristics of the preindustrial family?

Families produced the food, clothing, and other goods they needed to survive.


The second shift can best be defined as ________

the varied domestic tasks that women generally take care of for their families in addition to whatever paid work they do outside the home


How does the welfare system trap women who want to move off welfare rolls?

Most women face lower earnings and fewer benefits when they move from welfare to work.


Talcott Parsons' claim that the nuclear family was necessary to modern industrial society because it fulfilled society's need for productive workers (men) and child rearers (women) is an example of a ________ approach to sociology.



The most politically and religiously conservative states in the United States have the highest levels of divorce. How does the interview with sociologist Andrew Cherlin help explain this seemingly contradictory finding?

Personal economics, not personal values, may contribute to rocky marriages, and these states are relatively poor.


What is the general consensus among sociologists about the effects of divorce on children?

There is no consensus amongst sociologists; study findings vary widely.


How did social scientists in the 1960s view the strong role held by women in many African American families?

as a negative characteristic that served to emasculate black men and ultimately increase social problems in African American communities


Which of the following scenarios represents a common gender imbalance of domestic chores in the United States?

Marta does most of the grocery shopping, cooking, and laundry; James mows the lawn, makes chili on special occasions, and cleans the garage twice a year.


Josephine's parents divorced when she was 5 years old. By the time she was 8, both her parents had remarried and she had two step-siblings on her father's side and a half-brother on her mother's side. Josephine's two new families are examples of what type of family?

A blended family


________ is marriage outside one's social group.



Studies show that when low-achieving students are placed in a class with mostly high-achieving students, their academic performance tends to improve. This is an example of the importance of ________

peer-to-peer dynamics