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The text suggests that well planned social studies units are almost always integrated units, why is this?

D. (both a and b) Social studies almost always requires reading and writing & ss integrates history, the social science disciplines, and sometimes humanities


Which of the following is the initial step in planning a ss unit?

B. Questioning the other teachers at the grade level to see what they would do


What is formative evaluation as defined by the text?

A. Evaluation conducted to diagnose student learning difficulties and to plan for instruction


What is a simulation as defined by the text?

C. A strategy designed to reconstruct some characteristics of a real situation through experience


Concepts are defined by the text are?

B. Ideas


What is concept formation?

A. Experiencing multiple examples of a concept and grasping the critical similarities among them


Students that have developed inquiry skills are able to...

D. (Both b and c) Draw conclusions based on evidence and judge whether conclusions are based on evidence


According to the author, a well-balanced Social Studies program ensures the development of skills through...

B. Systematic instruction


Which of the following is NOT a purpose of asking questions according to the author?

B. Giving directions


To learn social studies, students need...

C. Multiple sources of information


What do teachers need to keep uppermost in their minds when selecting an instructional resource?

B. The objectives to be achieved


What energy does the author suggest students and teachers use to become familiar with the school library (multimedia center)?

A. Orienteering


Which of the following is true about elementary textbook programs?

D. They are a resource of resources


As a matter of principle it is advisable to take elementary students into the community on when...

C. The field trip provides for experiences that cannot be duplicated in the classroom


When using technology in social studies lessons and units, the teacher is challenged to...

A. Adapt the use of technology to the ongoing instructional goals of the classroom


Newspapers are resources for teaching reading. They are also resources for teaching...

B. Current Events


Assessment means finding out..

A. What students know and are able to do


Evaluation involves comparing a student's present understanding with...

D. The desired outcome of instruction


Which of the following is NOT a purpose for assessment that was provided in the text?

B. Behavioral modification


Instructional planning is the primary purpose of assessment for whom?

C. The teacher


What are assessments called that are conducted during instruction?

C. Formative


32. Most of the assessment done during social studies instruction involves...

B. Informal methods and simple observation


Performance assessments help the teacher..

A. Find out how well students can translate knowledge into action


The author suggests that work samples saved for social studies portfolios be...

B. Related to essential learnings and desired outcomes


In social studies children read and write to..

D. Build and express understanding


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of apprenticeships?

A. The learner enters into a new task without support


The special reading skills unique to the social studies must be taught..

A. In relation to the subject matter under study


When using text books, the text author encourages teachers to..

C. Make differential use of them that supports instructional goals


Why should parts of a text book (text structure) be taught?

A. So students can better comprehend what they are reading


What is one of the causes the text provides for poor reading comprehension in social studies?

B. The vocabulary density of the reading material


Which of the following is NOT something a teacher can do to enhance what a student brings to a reading situation?

A. Increasing a child's intellectual aptitude


What is the purpose, according to the text author, for using children's trade books in social studies?

To teach children about multiple perspectives so that they can view the world from another's perspective as well as their own


The author recommends that multiple perspectives be routinely examined in the social studies classroom. What teaching strategy becomes a routine part of this?

C. Compare and Contrast


According to the text, what can serve as an integrating core for teaching and learning in an elementary and middle school?

C. Helping children construct powerful social understandings and understand the basic responsibilities of citizenship


What is the greatest pitfall of curriculum integration according to the text?

A. To treat curriculum integration as a goal


What is the fusion approach to curriculum integration?

C. Two disciplines are infused together to create a new discipline


What is accomplished by the fusion approach integration?

D. (Both b and c) Skills are used to achieve valued content goals AND Skills are strengthened by being engaged with content


What is the fusion approach to curriculum integration?

A. Two or more subject matters are synthesized in a way that a new unified idea is formed


The text provides a detailed example and rationale for students creating an original biography. Through creation students are invited to...

C. Read, write, and discuss their way to an in-depth understanding of a historical figure


What is generalization?

B. A statement that meaningfully links two or more concepts


What is one way that elementary teachers can cultivate the virtue of civic-mindedness?

A. By developing a regular, ongoing program of instruction involving daily news and issues


Which of the following is NOT a purpose provided in the text for teaching current events/public issues at the elementary level?

D. To encourage students to get information from encyclopedia's and textbooks


What, according to the text author, is a disadvantage to using current events in addition to social studies instruction?

D. Current events are isolated from social studies and the rest of the school program


What, according to the text author, is a disadvantage to using current events to supplement social studies instruction?

C. The range of stories that are age appropriate may be restricted due to lack of connection to current social studies units


What is a disadvantage, to the text author, to using current events as a basis for social studies instruction?

B. It is difficult to plan for because events may not relate directly to the SS curriculum and resources may be difficult to gather


Which of the following is NOT a special responsibility a teacher has when teaching a controversial issue?

A. Helping to control the conversation by only allowing certain students to speak


What, according to the text author, is one of the best ways to teach current events?

C. To select events that are controversial


An enduring public issue is..

A controversial issue that does not go away when the current event ends


Towards what goal, according to the author, should teachers direct a program of multicultural education?

A. Improving human relations in the school, community, and nation