Mass Communication: Living in a Media World: COM 102 Flashcards

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Living in a Media World
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According to Edward Bernays, Public relations has three functions. Name them.

Informing, Persuading, and Integrating


What are the five steps in the ROPES public relations model?

Research, Objectives, Programming, Evaluation, and Stewardship.


Name one way discussed in the book or in class in which the Internet makes public relations more difficult.

It lets anyone say anything about a company, it allows rumor to spread, it spreads news rapidly nation if not world wide, it makes it easy for people to leak confidential information, pranksters can get an immediate global audiences for their material that damages a brand.


John Rawls' "Veil of ignorance" means which of the following?

Justice is possible when decisions are made without considering the social status of the people involved.


Which of the following would e an example of potential corporate conflict of interest?

giving positive coverage of charity event being chaired by the golfing buddy of your tv station's owner. Covering a sports franchise owned by the same parent company as your radio station. Reporting about another media corporation which is a partner of your parent company.


Which of the following advertisers would be held to the highest standard of truthfulness.

An ad that said a pill was the "fastest headache remedy your doctor can prescribe."


Briefly explain how integrated marketing communication (IMC) differs from traditional advertising.

IMC is an overall communication strategy for reaching key audiences using advertising public relations sales promotion and interactive media. IMC is a long-term approach used to build the value of a brand or organization.


State two of the for myths of advertising.

Advertising makes you by things you don't want
Advertising makes things cost more
Advertising elp sell bad products
Advertising is a waste of money.


Briefly define targeted advertising

Targeted advertising is the process of trying to make a product or service appeal to a narrowly defined group. Groups may be targeted using demographics and geographic and/or psychographics.


Define advertsing clutter, why it concerns advertiser and wha is being done about it.

Clutter is the large number of non-programming messages (including ads) that compete for viewer attention on radio, television, the internet and other media. It concerns advertisers because the fear teir ads will get lost in the clutter. The solution is to create ads that stand out, ads that people want to watch or to advertise in less cluttered environments.


Define "economy of abundance"

This is when there are as may or more goods available as there are people who want to buy them.


What made Henry Luce famous?

He was the driving force behind TIme, Life. and Fortune magazines and founded the company that grew in to media giant Time Warner.


Name three of the seven sisters.

Good House keeping, McCall's (Rosie), Redbook, Ladies' Home Journal, Woman's Day, Better Homes and Gardens, and Family Circle.


List Three of Dick Stolley's rules for successful magazine covers.

Young is better than old. pretty is better then ugly. rich is better than poor. Music is better than movies. Movies are better than television. nothing is better than a dead celebrity.


Identify James Potter's four major dinensions of media leteracy

Cognitive, emotional. aesthetic, and moral.


Identify the four major mass communication models discussed in class

SMCR (or Transmission), Ritual Publicity, Reception


What is a heterogeneous audiences

An audience made up of a mix of people who differ in age, gender, income, and other demorgraphics.


Describe the significance of the New York Sun with the penny press and how they changed newspapers.

Penny Paters like the sun were founded starting in the 1830's and were supported primarily by advertising rather than by subscription or political subsidies. They were usually independent voices rather tahn that of political party. They concept of news and beats- the latest developments of he police, the courts, and the streets- was invented by the penny papers. The concept of objectivity originated with the penny papers as a way of making them appeal to the largest possibly audience.


Other than language, how do the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald differ

El Nuevo Herald takes a much more activist point of view, in the tradition of European and Latin American newspapers.


Name two sources from the textbook people are turing to for news.

The Web, PDA's, iPods, and MP3 Players.


What is an illuminated manuscript?

A hand-copid manuscript with elaborate illustration and calligraphy, generally popular just prior to the pre-printing press era.


Briefly discuss how the printing press chaned the 15th and the 16th century world.

Gutenberg's development of the printing press and the typemold moved culture from the local community to the regional, national or international level. It lead to the standardized books, language and spelling. It made it much more difficult for governments and the church to control the free flow of information and facilitated such events as the Protestant Reformation, the rise of nation-states and the Scientific Revolution.


Why did The New York Times create a separate children's best seller list?

Because children's titles, especially Harry Potter books, were coming to dominate the regular fiction bestseller list.


Name a long-tail bookseller and explain what makes it part of the long tail or Barnes and are both long-tail bookstores because they carry virtually every book that in print and many books that are out of print


Briefly discuss why we have the movie rating system we have today and where it came from. What are the major complaints about it and what is Hollywood's response?

The current movie rating system came out of the decline of the production code in the 1960's. As movies started having edgier content, the film industry under the leadership of Jack Valenti, saw the need for a set of rules that would allow adult content while keeping local censors at bay. They developed an age based system that has been revised several times to guarantee that most movies are allowed to be sown in most communities. The biggest criticisms of the system is that it can be hard for parents to tell why a movie has been given a rating and that the rating system is designed to bring in the largest possibly audiences. As of now, there is not a viable rating for adult-only movies, with most theaters declining to show NC-17 films. The MPAA defends the rating system by saying parents find it helpful.


List two of the many problems filmmakers faced when they went from silent to talking films.

Some actor had trouble speaking and could not make the transition; movie sets were not quite; showing talking movies required new equipment; it was hard to make talking picture visually interesting.


Name the South Western community that might have become Hollywood had it not been for the summer monsoons.



"I could had class. I could been a contender. I could been someone, Charley, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it. I'm a bum.

On the Waterfront


You're Norma Desmond. You used to be in silent picture. You used to be big. "I am big. Its the pictures that got small."

Sunset Boulevard.


Briefly explain what New York Times v Sullivan was about and what the long-term implication of the case has been.

New York Times v Sullivan was a civil rights era libel case in which Montgomery, Alabama, police commissioner sued the New York Times for libel based on some false statements made in the newspaper ad. The Supreme Court could have ruled narrowly the ad was not libelous, that Sullivan was not identified in the ad or that the falsehoods were innocuous. Instead, the court ruled that journalists were protected and charges of libel when reporting on the public officials as long as there was no 'actual malice," that is, a knowing or reckless disregard of the truth.


What is the major challenge faced by U.S. obscenity law in the 21st Century

The law defines obscenity in terms of local community standards, but pornography is now available through nationwide sources such as the internet or satellite television.


What are the four forms of invasion of privacy in the United States

Intrusion, embarrassment/private facts, false light, (mis) appropriation


Briefly explain how recording artists have resonded in the 21st Century to the threats of file sharing and other new digital media to their ability to make a living

They have a number of ways they can respond: selling music directly to consumers, performing live, using free music on the Web to attract new listeners, including bonus video and other materials in their cds and other merchandise sales.


What makes talk sports radio so popular with advertisers

people get so involved with the programming to which they are listening so that they do not change the station when they are listening.


How do webcasting and podcasting differ from each other

Webcasting is streamed over the internet while podcasts are downloadable MP3 files that can be listened to offline.


Briefly explain how Apple has become a major player in the media business

This happened in several ways. Apple sells many of the most popular portable media consumption devices, it sells and rents media programming (and in fact makes more money from selling media content and media consumption devices than it does from selling computers) and its former Chief Executive Officer, the late State Jobs, is the former owner of the PIXAR animation studio as well as being Disney's largest single stockholder.


List two of the four principles of the hacker ethos

'Access to computers-and anything which might teach you something about the way the world works-should be 'unlimited and total'"
"All information wants to be free"
"Mistrust authority-promote decentralization"
you should be judged by your skill san not by, "bogus criteria such as degrees, age, race, or position"


What is reverse synergy

When new media combine and bring together the worst of old a new media. An example would be when the internet spreads false supermarket tabloid rumors rapidly nationwide.


Media journalist Ken Auletta argues television has been undergoing an, "earthquake in slow motion." What is meant by that and what keeps it going slow today?

Auletta's contention is that the gradual loss of network television views in the late 1980s and the early 1990s to cable satellite and home video and that the legacy networks largely ignored it as it happened. The earth quake is continuing with the new digital alternatives to broadcast television


Why are cable networks more profitable than the broadcast networks?

Cable shows are typically much more inexpensive to produce than broadcast network programming. Also, cable channels have both advertising and subscription revenue, while broadcasting networks have basically only advertising revenue.