Essentials of Federal Income Taxation for Individuals and Business: Individual Income Tax Accounting Review Flashcards

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The study of individual income tax principles underlying filing status, personal exemptions, dependency, gross income, deductions for adjusted gross income, standard and itemized deductions, and income tax calculation. This is a hands-on course consisting of the preparation of various individual income tax returns using Form1040EZ, Form1040A, Form1040, and IL 1040.
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Which of the following is not a deduction for AGI on an individual taxpayer’s tax return?

Charitable contributions


Ann’s husband died last year. Ann maintains a household where she and her 8-year-old daughter reside for the tax year. On her tax return, she properly claims her daughter as a dependent. For the current year, Ann should file her tax return as:

Qualifying widow(er)


Carol is 20 years old and single. Her parents properly claim her as a dependent on their joint tax return. During 2013, Carol had the following income and expense items:

  • Wages from a part-time summer job $3,000
  • Interest income from her own savings account 2,500
  • State and local income taxes paid 800
  • State and local sales tax paid 200

Carol’s 2013 taxable income is:

Wages $3,000

Int. 2,500

Income 5,500

Std. ded. (3,350)

Taxable $2,150


The minimum percentage of support that a member of a multiple support group must provide to claim a dependency exemption for the supported person is more than:



Dorsey and Thelma Packard (ages 42 and 45) file a joint return. They claim Dorsey’s blind mother (age 67) as a dependent. The Packards’ 2013 standard deduction is:


  • Basic standard deduction (MFJ) = $12,200
  • No deduction for Dorsey’s blind mother


Education tax credits are reported on:

Form 8863


The full child tax credit is available to unmarried taxpayers whose AGI does not exceed:



A 25-year-old files Form 1040EZ and indicates that another taxpayer can claim him as a dependent. This taxpayer may not:

Claim an earned income credit.

Claim an exemption for him or himself.


Which of the following is a refundable credit?

The earned income credit


Is Head of Household the most advantageous filing system Teresa can use?

No, filing as a qualifying widow(er) is the more favorable filing status.


Because Zach is disabled and meets the other tests, Teresa can claim him as a qualifying child for the earned income credit.



What is Teresa’s total federal income tax withholding?


+ 150

+ 260



What is the credit for child and dependent care expenses on Form 2441, line 11?

  • Amount paid is $2,800
  • Income is $41,800


x .21



Teresa has three qualifying children for the child tax credit.

False. Because Zack is over the age of 17, Teresa has only two qualifying children.


Teresa must pay a 10% additional tax on the distribution from her 401(k) because she is under 59 ½ years old and does not qualify for an exemption.