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Most advertising practitioners view public relations as a(n):

a. marketing tool to promote sales of the company's products or services.

b. communication function that is essential during times of bad publicity.

c. umbrella process for managing relationships with company stakeholders.

d. activity used in combination with other types of sales promotion efforts.

e. task that can be performed only by a professional public relations expert.



Which term refers to an interactive process of addressable communication that uses one or more advertising media to effect, at any location, a measurable sale, lead, retail purchase, or charitable donation, with this activity analyzed on a database for the development of ongoing mutually beneficial relationships between marketers and customers, prospects, or donors?

a. Mass advertising

b. Sales promotion

c. Direct marketing

d. Personal selling

e. Network marketing



Hudson Hardware was recently purchased by Colony Home Improvement Warehouse. Which type of advertising would most likely help Colony Home Improvement Warehouse introduce itself to Hudson Hardware's customers who are unfamiliar with the Colony Home Improvement Warehouse name and logo?

a. Image

b. Advocacy

c. Umbrella

d. Recruitment

e. Corporate identity



Which term refers to an out-of-home medium that includes bus and taxicab advertising?

a. Car-end posters

b. Advertising integration

c. Transportation advertising

d. Transit advertising

e. Geographic advertising



The manufacturer of Advil PM, a new pain reliever formulated to aid people sleep, conducted a _____ in which a winner was selected by a chance drawing of entrants' names. Contestants registered by visiting the Advil PM Web site. Each entrant had the same probability of winning the $10,000 grand prize.

a. game

b. contest

c. sweepstakes

d. lottery

e. reward



_____ is a partnership between a for-profit company and a non-profit organization, which increases the company's sales while raising money and visibility for the organization's mission.

a. Sponsorship

b. Ambush marketing

c. Venue marketing

d. Social networking

e. Cause marketing



An ad promoting the six o'clock news on WSM, the NBC affiliate in Nashville, Tennessee, is located on the side of one of the area's buses. This type of ad, which is usually varnished to make it weather-resistant, is called a(n):

a. bus bulletin.

b. standard bus.

c. bus-o-rama.

d. outside poster.

e. junior panel.



A _____ strategy is primarily designed to secure the cooperation of retailers.

a. push

b. pull

c. parallel

d. cohort

e. vertical



Personal selling is the most costly way to communicate with prospects because:

a. it is very labor-intensive.

b. sales cannot occur without advertising.

c. it has an inflexible methodology.

d. sales quotas force the salesperson to use unethical means to close a sale.

e. it cannot be integrated easily into a company's marketing communications strategy.



_____ is a cross between traditional billboards and transit advertising.

a. Advertainment

b. A mobile billboard

c. The full-showing panel

d. Variable-site advertising

e. On-board advertising



Which of the following is the best example of direct-response print advertising?

a. An advertorial about vitamin benefits

b. An SMS with a coupon for a department store

c. The opening Web page for an athletic shoe company

d. A magazine ad for pet food that asks you to call a toll-free number for more information

e. An unsolicited e-mail that asks you to purchase the services of a local lawn care company



When Martha Stewart was sentenced to prison for insider-trading, her company Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. most likely engaged in _____ to minimize damage to the organization.

a. press agentry

b. crisis management

c. marketing public relations

d. manipulative communications

e. integrated marketing communications



Unlike advertising, public relations activities are:

a. highly credible.

b. easy to quantify.

c. extremely precise.

d. memorable due to repetition.

e. able to gain specific reach objectives.



_____ are reference books that list, describe, and often picture the products sold by a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer.

a. Statement stuffers

b. Compiled lists

c. House organs

d. Catalogs

e. Folders



Which of the following statements is most likely true about video news releases (VNRs)?

a. Video news releases are always developed and produced by outside agencies to prevent bias.

b. Video news releases are offered to local and national TV stations for a nominal fee.

c. Sometimes video news releases are criticized because they are too short.

d. Often video news releases are developed by the station's news staff.

e. Video news releases are sometimes viewed as subtle commercials.



Transit advertising is best described as:

a. a low-cost, out-of-home medium.

b. a medium with a high degree of status.

c. an ineffective medium for most national advertisers.

d. most effective if the target audience is upper-income consumers.

e. a cross between outdoor advertising and personal sales promotion.



Which term refers to the management function that focuses on the communications that organizations have with other groups for the purpose of creating mutual goodwill?

a. Human resources management

b. Image management

c. Public relations

d. Corporate identity advertising

e. Relationship management



The most common form of direct-mail is the:

a. statement stuffer.

b. brochure.

c. self-mailer.

d. broadside.

e. sales letter.



_____ refers to persuading government officials to promote administrative action or legislation in the interest of the client.

a. Persuasive communication

b. Lobbying

c. Informative communication

d. Consumerism

e. Press gentry



Which of the following is a form of direct marketing that involves tracking and analyzing the purchase patterns of specific customers?

a. Mass advertising

b. Sales promotion

c. Multilevel marketing

d. Database marketing

e. Personal selling



Taylor received a brochure in the mail that promoted a low-cost insurance plan for retired teachers. It did not come in an envelope but was a single page, folded and stapled. Her address was written in a blank area on one side. This advertisement is an example of a:

a. broadside.

b. marketing avail.

c. self-mailer.

d. telemarketing form.

e. gatefold.



What is the most likely reason for the term "public relations 2.0?"

a. Growth of new publics due to globalization

b. Impact of social media on PR activities

c. Development of new PR guidelines

d. Increased use of IMC programs

e. Demand for more PR oversight



How do electronic display panels most likely benefit an advertiser?

a. Only the advertiser can change the display.

b. They are an inexpensive and flexible medium.

c. Their ability to eliminate selective perception makes their high costs worthwhile.

d. The transit authority must pay a premium price for the displays.

e. They are one of the oldest and most accepted forms of advertising.



What is the first function performed by a public relations professional?

a. Develop a crisis-management plan

b. Develop press releases for all conceivable events

c. Differentiate the company from others in the industry

d. Plan and execute the company's public relations program

e. Convince the organization's publics of the company's value



How can global positioning systems (GPS) influence the outdoor advertising purchased by a media buyer?

a. GPS can be used to determine the best locations for the billboards.

b. GPS can be used to identify the most effective marketing mix.

c. GPS can be used to increase traffic near billboard locations.

d. GPS can be used to locate sites for unused transit ads.

e. GPS can be used to find customers with smartphones.



Which statement about direct marketing is most likely true?

a. Many customers dislike the clutter associated with direct marketing.

b. Direct marketing lacks the flexibility needed by today's firms.

c. Direct marketing hinders firms from gathering customer data.

d. Only print media can be used for direct marketing efforts.

e. Direct marketing results are difficult to measure.



Which of the following is most likely an advantage of using direct-mail advertising?

a. Advertisers find that direct mail builds brand image with its prestige.

b. Advertisers can personalize direct mail to the needs of specific audiences.

c. Direct mail has a very low cost per exposure compared to other mediums.

d. Direct mail holds the interest of prospects without needing editorial content.

e. Direct mail can be efficiently and precisely delivered due to modern tracking.



Which of the following statements about publicity is most likely true?

a. Publicity is completely free.

b. All publicity is good for the company being publicized.

c. Publicity need not be newsworthy to be effective or to attract media attention.

d. When publicity is run, the media bills the organization for the space or time.

e. Publicity has a good return on investment compared to other communications activities.



A _____ is one or more printed or electronic pages of information issued to generate publicity or shed light on a subject of interest.

a. feature article

b. house organ

c. press bulletin

d. media announcement

e. news release



Press agentry refers to the:

a. act of publishing a publicity piece.

b. reciprocal arrangement established between publicists and the press.

c. gathering of marketing research to determine the best public relations strategy.

d. planning of activities and the staging of events to attract attention and to generate publicity.

e. maintenance of good relationships with the people who control what does and does not get media coverage.



_____ is face-to-face selling away from a fixed retail location.

a. Interactive commerce

b. Direct selling

c. Telemarketing

d. Direct-response marketing

e. Relationship marketing



As more companies use IMC and mass audiences continue to fragment, which of the following most likely enables companies to retain and grow customers?

a. Databases developed through direct marketing

b. Interactive communication on social media

c. Indirect-response advertising promotions

d. Loyalty programs based on interstitials

e. Feedback encoding with niche markets



A drawback of using direct-mail advertising is that it:

a. relies too heavily on social and digital media for promotion.

b. prevents advertisers from controlling circulation and quality.

c. has the highest cost per exposure of any medium.

d. has limited coverage and reach capabilities.

e. achieves very low response rates.



_____ advertising is always aimed at stimulating some action or response from its recipient.

a. Radio

b. Viral

c. Direct-response

d. Mass

e. Aerial



Which of the following is the most widely used PR tool?

a. A data warehouse

b. A press kit

c. A trade show

d. A house organ

e. A press release



_____ is a direct inducement offering extra incentives anywhere along the marketing route to enhance the movement or accelerate the product's movement from producer to consumer.

a. Direct selling

b. Direct marketing

c. Sales promotion

d. Public relations

e. Direct-response advertising



Inside Tanya's monthly statement from Tex-Oil was a leaflet for a portable air compressor. The advertisement for the air compressor is an example of a:

a. self-mailer.

b. house organ.

c. broadside.

d. statement stuffer.

e. public relations release.



Which of the following statements about sales promotion is most likely true?

a. Sales promotion is a deceleration tool.

b. Sales promotion normally involves an indirect inducement.

c. Sales promotion is usually considered to be complementary.

d. Sales promotion may be used anywhere along the marketing route.

e. Sales promotion adds intangible but immediate value to the brand.



Along with its ad campaign to improve the relationship of the Raiders with the citizens of Oakland, the football team's agency issued a ____, which contained pictures and biographical data of all the players, quotes from fans, ticket prices, special promotions that would be held throughout the season, and a story about how wrong the Raiders had been to move to Los Angeles.

a. promotional announcement

b. communications bulletin

c. public relations package

d. publicity system

e. press kit



_____ is the oldest marketing method and it is growing quickly today as a result of social and technological changes.

a. Direct marketing

b. Relationship marketing

c. Print advertising

d. Interactive marketing

e. Direct selling



Barton Beer invited its retailers to celebrate March Madness, the NCAA basketball tournament that occurs every year. Barton Beer provided displays and banners for retailers to use during March, and it encouraged consumers to participate in a Barton Beer March Madness Tournament on the firm's Web site. The purpose of this _____ is to encourage customers to buy Barton Beer.

a. viral marketing program

b. direct marketing activity

c. sales promotion

d. publicity

e. advertorial



What is the most likely reason that public relations communications are viewed as more credible than advertising messages?

a. Many PR communications are in the form of news articles or features stories.

b. All PR communications are verified and researched by independent agencies.

c. Most PR communications are openly sponsored and paid for by large firms.

d. PR communications are limited to non-profit organizations.

e. PR communications are highly specific.



_____ are coupons that reach consumers through colorful preprinted newspaper ads.

a. Spiffs

b. Freestanding inserts

c. Convenience cards

d. Premiums

e. Spillages



When ExxonMobil, a company that has been accused of environmental insensitivity, runs an ad that highlights its corporate support of the National Fish and Wildlife Federation's Save the Tiger fund, ExxonMobil is most likely engaged in _____ advertising.

a. corporate identity

b. recruitment

c. public relations

d. public affairs

e. umbrella



Which of the following best explains why an advertiser should use outdoor advertising?

a. Outdoor advertising offers a low cost per exposure.

b. Outdoor messages are influenced by their environment.

c. Outdoor advertising involves minimal preparation and planning.

d. The audience demographics for outdoor ads are easy to measure.

e. Many locations are readily available for outdoor advertising because of low demand.



Which of the following is an example of consumer sales promotion?

a. Spiffs

b. Coupons

c. Buyback allowances

d. Slotting allowances

e. Company conventions



When given a choice between buying advertising time on a locally televised gardening show and transit advertising, the owner of Lowe's Jewelry Store chose the television program because he had heard about the problem transit advertisers have with:

a. limited selectivity.

b. short ad exposure.

c. creative inflexibility.

d. low readership rates.

e. high maintenance costs.



Starbucks, The Body Shop, and Walmart are examples of companies that have conducted brand building primarily through:

a. mass media advertising.

b. image management.

c. corporate blogging.

d. social media.

e. publicity.



_____ is generally considered the most effective method for generating consumer trial of a new product.

a. Buy-back allowance

b. A rebate award

c. A contest

d. Diverting

e. Sampling



Adrienne Faith & Co. offered retailers of spas a four-tiered acrylic shelf unit that holds 36 bottles (2.4 ounces each) of spa fragrance or spa crystals. The unit is to be placed on the counter, next to the cash register, and would be an example of a(n):

a. point-of-purchase material.

b. push strategy.

c. retailer spiff.

d. buyback allowance.

e. interactive advertising material.



Which of the following statements about direct marketing is true?

a. Direct marketing is static.

b. Direct marketing is a measurable system of marketing.

c. Direct marketing is often called reminder advertising.

d. Direct marketing does not typically produce feedback.

e. Direct marketing as a form of promotion is ineffective in generating immediate sales.



A company most likely uses an advertorial to:

a. raise funds.

b. clarify a trademark.

c. change public opinion.

d. promote a new product.

e. attract employment applications.



Godwin Mailing can be hired by advertisers to stuff and seal envelopes, affix mailing labels, and prepare the envelopes for delivery to the postal service. Godwin Mailing is most likely a:

a. postal center facility.

b. merge-purge shop.

c. mailing broker.

d. letter shop.

e. bulk mail center.



Which of the following is the best example of direct-response broadcast advertising?

a. An e-mail offering for a trial magazine subscription

b. A glossy catalog featuring children's clothing

c. An infomercial for exercise equipment

d. A telemarketing call about a credit card

e. A product placement during a TV show



_____ is the widely used form of outdoor advertising. It is sometimes called a standard billboard.

a. A terminal poster

b. A painted bulletin

c. Poster board

d. A 30-sheet poster panel

e. A stock-poster panel



The _____ is the legislation that controls outdoor advertising on U.S. interstate highways.

a. Federal Trade Commission Act of 1934

b. Federal Communications Controls Act of 1971

c. Highway Beautification Act of 1965

d. Warren/Magnuson Highway Act of 1986

e. Environmental Protection Law of 1955



The basic unit of sale for posters is 100 gross rating points daily. One rating point equals:

a. one percent of a particular market's population.

b. one market sample per billboard.

c. each individual in the market.

d. each household in the market.

e. each ad exposure per day.



Which of the following statements about direct-mail advertising is most likely true?

a. Spending on direct mail has sharply declined due to rising postage rates.

b. Direct-mail advertising is the top-ranked advertising medium used today.

c. Direct-mail advertising offers firms a straight path to desired customers.

d. Business reply mail is the most common form of direct-mail advertising.

e. Direct-mail advertising is too costly for most local retail businesses.



_____ are exhibitions where manufacturers, dealers, and buyers get together for demonstration and discussion.

a. Product expositions

b. Trade shows

c. Distribution shows

d. Distribution fairs

e. Product retrospectives



Which of the following is the best marketing communication tool for relationship building?

a. Infomercials

b. Word-of-mouth

c. Personal selling

d. Direct-response marketing

e. Interactive broadcast advertising



When public relations activities are used for marketing purposes, the process is called:

a. relationship marketing.

b. corporate promotion.

c. ambush marketing.

d. marketing public relations.

e. joint promotion.



An energy company offers customers rebates of up to $500 for installing energy efficient water heaters, windows, and doors. This is most likely an example of a _____ strategy.

a. push

b. pull

c. parallel

d. cohort

e. horizontal



_____ advertising is used to communicate a company's views on issues that affect society or business.

a. Advocacy

b. Social

c. Philanthropic

d. Environmental

e. Cause



A(n) _____ offers prizes based on entrants' skill whereas a(n) _____ offers prizes based solely on a chance drawing of entrants' names.

a. coupon; in-pack premium

b. in-pack premium; self-liquidating premium

c. coupon; sweepstakes

d. contest; sweepstakes

e. sweepstakes; freestanding insert



Which of the following is a PR term referring to a firm's employees, customers, competitors, and suppliers?

a. Publics

b. Distributors

c. Stockholders

d. Feedback base

e. Cause marketers



To increase the number of orders it receives from recipients of its direct-mail advertising, the maker of All-Natural Diet Products encloses a special envelope that customers can use to mail their orders without paying postage. This special envelope is an example of _____ mail.

a. fourth-class

b. priority

c. business reply

d. second-class

e. third-class



A _____ supports the publicity of special events such as press conferences, grand openings, and trade shows. It includes a basic fact sheet of information about the event, a program or schedule of activities, and a list of the participants and their biographical data.

a. feature article

b. house organ

c. media kit

d. news release

e. e-zine



You have been hired to design a billboard for a golf tournament that will be a major fundraiser for the local Lion's Club. Which of the following would be best to include on the billboard?

a. A lightface font

b. Small illustrations

c. All uppercase typefaces

d. Alternating typeface thickness

e. Both upper- and lower-case letters



Which of the following would most likely result from overly aggressive sales promotion?

a. An increase in industry sales and profits

b. Inadequate primary research data

c. Improved levels of brand attitude

d. A price war between competitors

e. Lower costs per transaction



Procter & Gamble created one of the most outrageous promotions in marketing history. The offer itself was the soul of simplicity: Buy one giant-size box of Spic and Span and you can fill a clear plastic container with two free goldfish. The display even had its own net for scooping the little fish out. The fish were examples of:

a. premiums.

b. display allowances.

c. trade deals.

d. free-standing inserts.

e. advertising specialties.



The owner of an organic grocery store wants to place inside cards over the doors of city buses. To keep advertising costs down, the store owner can most likely:

a. buy a full showing plus take-ones to cover the area.

b. print different ads on both sides of the card.

c. demand a refund if sales goals are not met.

d. invest in a brand train promotion.

e. print additional terminal posters.



When an advertiser buys a total bus, ads will most likely:

a. appear on transit benches.

b. cover the interiors of many buses.

c. reach 100 percent market coverage.

d. cover the entire exterior space on a bus.

e. include a full showing at a discounted price.



Advertising that asks the viewer or listener to provide feedback immediately to the advertiser is called:

a. unduplicated marketing.

b. customized marketing.

c. direct-response advertising.

d. advocacy selling.

e. direct-sales advertising.



The Rocks Build Our World program of National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) includes both group tours of the company's corporate office facility and classroom visits targeted to fourth graders. The classroom visits start with some basic information on geology, mining methods, and the uses of minerals in everyday life. This is an example of:

a. press agentry.

b. sales promotion.

c. community involvement.

d. societal advertising.

e. advocacy advertising.



What are take-ones?

a. Free shopping guides given away in transit terminals

b. Business reply cards placed on interior transit ads

c. Free samples given away at discount stores

d. Free menus given away by restaurants

e. Another name for on-pack premiums



You are riding a bus in Spokane and see a sign advertising a local movie theater in the wall rack above one of the bus's windows. What kind of transit advertising is this?

a. Mobile panels

b. Mini-panel

c. Junior poster

d. Inside card

e. Mini-bulletins



How does an advertising specialty differ from a premium?

a. Premiums are always emblazoned with the name of the company that gave them away; advertising specialties are not.

b. A premium is typically more valuable than an advertising specialty and usually bears no advertising message.

c. Advertising specialties are typically more expensive than premiums.

d. Advertising specialties are promotional items, but premiums are not.

e. Premiums are always free; advertising specialties are not.



The goal of _____ is to develop a dialog between the company and the community.

a. community involvement

b. corporate advertising

c. advocacy advertising

d. lobbying

e. advertorials



A _____ is an eight-sheet billboard that offers a panel surface of 6 feet high by 12 feet wide.

a. junior panel

b. pint-sized bulletin

c. thumbnail

d. baby bulletin

e. subordinate panel



Each year, Darwin Septic Tank Company gives its customers calendars with the business's address and phone number at the bottom of each page. This free calendar is an example of a(n):

a. wearable.

b. loyalty prize.

c. marketing medium.

d. advertising specialty.

e. premium.



Which of the following statements about outdoor advertising is most likely true?

a. Transit ads account for the largest percentage of outdoor advertising in metropolitan areas.

b. Outdoor advertising is used as a directional medium for tourists and other motorists.

c. Spending on outdoor advertising has declined significantly since 2010.

d. Outdoor advertising is not used outside the United States.

e. Outdoor advertising dates back to the 19th century.