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A position in society that someone holds that cuts across other statuses they hold, such as being a high ranking Army officer, college president, or handicapped would be considered their _____________.

master status


Jane is a nurse, wife and mother. This would be an example of ___________.

her achieved statuses


Those expectations that define appropriate or inappropriate behavior for the occupant of a status are



The difference between status and role is that:

we occupy a status which is a social position but play a role which is a social expectation


The differences in behaviors and attitudes experienced by different categories of people are primarily due to _____________.

location in the social structure


Which of the following topics would most likely be approached from a macro sociological analysis?

a study of the impact of terrorism on the travel plans of business people


A category of people who have comparable levels of income and education and who work at jobs that are roughly comparable in prestige constitutes a ______________.

social class


The level of sociological analysis that examines social interaction and what people do when they come together is ________________.

micro analysis


Which of the following is an example of social interaction?

a driver signaling a right turn with his direction signals


Bumper stickers such as "Proud Parent of an Honor Student" and "Warning: This Driver Convicted of DUI" are both best described as being ______________.

status symbols


The typical patterns of a group, such as its usual relationships between men and women or students and teachers, is referred to as __________________.

social structure


A position that someone occupies such as a judge, astronaut, student or professor is called ___________.



A focus on the broad features of society to analyze such things as social class and how groups relate to one another is _____________

macro analysis


Professor Zuchov is 65 years old, married, and contemplating retirement. He has been dating an 18-year-old freshman for the past six months. In the Judeo-Christian culture, this is an example of _______________.

status inconsistency


Which of the following represents an ascribed status?

American of Japanese descent


People who regularly interact with one another and, usually, share similar values, norms, and expectations are referred to as a(n) _______________.



The organized, usual, or standard ways by which society meets its basic needs are referred to as _________________.

social institutions


Of the following groups, which one would require the member to relinquish the greatest degree of personal decision making?

the family


The social institution that is most recognized for allocating power, determining authority, and preventing chaos is ______________.



The social institution primarily responsible for the production and distribution of goods and services is the _______________.

economic system


The term Durkheim used to refer to a shared conciousness that people experience as a result of performing the same or similar tasks is ____________________.

mechanical solidarity


According to Durkheim, when a society increases in size its division of labor becomes more specialized. People begin to depend on one another and become interdependent. This form of social cohesion he termed ___________.

organic solidarity


As societies grow larger, they divide work among members based on some standardized characteristic such as age or sex. This is referred to as ______________.

the division of labor


Sharon has been dating Gaetano, an Italian-American student for about three months. Gaetano recently invited Sharon to his family's home for dinner. Gaetano's mother served grilled porterhouse steak, baked potatoes, salad, a vegetable, and apple pie for dessert. When Gaetano asked Sharon how she enjoyed dinner, Sharon replied that she was expecting spaghetti and meatballs. Sharon's reaction can be attributed to _________________.



Ferdinand Tonnies' term for the type of society he referred to as "the intimate community" was _____________. The term he used to describe the type of society characterized by "impersonal association" was _____________.

Gemeinschaft; Gesellschaft


Those expectations that define appropriate or inappropriate behaviors for the occupant of a status are ________.



When we meet someone , we often use stereotypes to make assumptions about what we think he/she is like as a person. These stereotypes ____________________.

can become self-fulfillng prophecy


Hilda is studying at the library. She has placed her coat on the chair next to her and has spread books in front of the other chairs. Hilda is trying to extend her _______________ so others do not invade it.

personal space


Lingering eye contact with another individual is most aligned with which "distance zone" of personal space?

intimate distance


Dr. Zelinsky has a student named Todd in his psychology class whih is the son of his best friend. Todd enjoyed attending ball games and going fishing with "Dr. Z" and his father for as long as he can remember. Todd's farther recently told Dr. Zelinsky that Todd was expecting an "A" or "B" in the course. Todd's father made it a point to emphasize that Todd needed a high grade to offset a "D" or "F" he was going to receive form another professor. Todd is actually failing Dr. Z's psychology class. In this situation, Dr. Zelinsky will probably experience ____________.

role conflict


To show ourselves as adept role players and to gain positive recognition from others, we often have additional people work with us to ensure that our role communicates to others the ideas we want them to form about us. This is referred to as __________________.