Chapter 4 - Skin Lesions Flashcards

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What is a lesion? What are the two kinds?

Lesions are any visible, localized abnormality of skin tissue.
- Primary
- Secondary


What is a cyst?

A cyst is a primary lesion. It is a nodule filled with a semisolid material, such as a keratinous or sebaceous cyst.


What is an Echymosis (pl. ecchymoses)?

Is a primary lesion. It is a hemorrhage or extravasation (leaking) of blood into the subcutaneous tissue. The resultant is commonly known as a bruise.


What is a hematoma?

Is a primary lesion. A collection of extravasated blood trapped in the tissues and palpable to the examiner, such as on the ear.


What is a macule?

Is a primary lesion. Is a flat blemish or discolouration less than 1 cm, such as a freckle, port-wine stain, or tattoo.


What is a nodule?

Is a primary lesion. Palpable, solid lesion less than 2 cm, such as a very small lipoma.


What is a papule?

Is a primary lesion. Is raised, solid skin lesion raised less than 1 cm, such as a pimple.


What is a patch?

Is a primary lesion. Large, flat, non palpable macule, larger than 1 cm.


What is a Petechia (pl. petechiae)?

Is a primary lesion. Is a tiny ecchymosis within the dermal layer.


What is a plaque?

Is a primary lesion. Is a raised, plateau like papule greater than 1 cm, such as a psoriatic lesion or seborrheic lesion.


What is a purport?

Is a primary lesion. Is a massive hemorrhage into the tissues under the skin.


What is a Pustule

Is a primary lesion. Is a superficial, elevated lesion containing pus that may be the result of an infection, such as acne.


What is a Telangiectasia

Is a primary lesion. Is a permanent dilation of groups of superficial capillaries and venules.


What is a tumor?

Is a primary lesion. Is a nodule more than 2 cm; any mass or swelling, including neoplasms.


What is a vesicle?

Is a primary lesion. Is a circumscribed, elevated lesion containing fluid and smaller than 1/2 cm, such as an insect bite. If larger than 1/2 cm, it is termed a bulla. Commonly known as blister.


What is a wheal?

Is a primary lesion. Is circumscribed, elevated papule caused by localized edema, which can result from a bug bite.


What is an atrophy?

Is a secondary lesion. Is a paper thin, wasted skin often occurring in the aged or as stretch marks from rapid weight gain.


What is a cicatrix (pl. cicatrices)?

Is a secondary lesion. Is a scar - an area of fibrous tissue that replaces normal skin after destruction of some of the dermis.


What is an eschar?

Is a secondary lesion? Dried serum, blood, and/or pus. May occur in inflammatory and infectious diseases, such as impetigo, or as the result of a burn. Also called a scab.


What is a fissure?

Is a secondary lesion. Is a cracklike lesion of the skin, such as an anal fissure.


What is a keloid?

Is a secondary lesion. A scar that is overgrowth of tissue at the site of injury in excess of the amount of tissue necessary to repair the wound.


What is an ulcer?

Circumscribed, craterlike lesion of the skin or mucous membrane resulting from necrosis, or tissue death, that can accompany an inflammatory, infectious, or malignant process. Example is pressure ulcer seen in bedridden patients.