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Title 19 of the social security act provides health insurance for low income families. This insurance is also referred to as:

a. Medicaid
c. SSI
d. Medicare

a. Medicaid


The Licensed Practical Nurse provides what type of client care?

a. Evaluates nursing care
b. Basic direct technical care
c. IV medications
d. Supervises RNs

b. Basic direct technical care


Ensuring adequate nutrition, exercise and stress reduction are examples of:

a. primary prevention
b. secondary prevention
c. tertiary prevention
d. public health

a. primary prevention


The state nurse practice act requires passing the NCLEX-RN exam prior to licensing in order to:

a. keep people out of nursing
b. find the smartest nurses
c. make sure students study
d. protect the public

d. protect the public


A client is admitted with Medicare insurance. The nurse understands that if the client experiences a preventable infection, the cost of the extra care is paid for by,

a. part D.
b. an HMO (Health maintainence organization).
c. the client.
d. the hospital.

d. the hospital.


Which document directs that the RN rather than the LPN makes nursing diagnoses?

a. Nursing Code of Ethics
b. Patient Bill of Rights
c. NLN Program Outcomes
d. State Nurse Practice Act

d. State Nurse Practice Act


The nurse is reading a professional journal. (American Journal of Nursing for this month) this demonstrates compliance with:

a. Nurse practice act
b. Standards of practice
c. Medicare regulations
d. Joint Commission guidlines

b. Standards of practice


The student nurse sees the RN call the surgeon to tell him that the patient is having second thoughts about the surgery and asks the doctor to visit the client before the nurse administers the pre-operative medication. The student recognizes the role of the nurse as

a. Advocate
b. Teacher
c. Communicator
d. Manager

a. Advocate


Based on the ANA Code of Ethics, the nurse's primary commitment is to:

a. The nurses association
b. The state of Wisconsin
c. The hospital employer
d. The patient

d. The patient


Nurses are held legally responsible to what standard?

a. Hospital policy.
b. What the MD orders.
c. What a reasonable and prudent nurse would do.
d. Traditions of the unit.

c. What a reasonable and prudent nurse would do.


The nurse is very busy with many ill clients and needs to make an immediate decision about what course of action to take with the client. Which document can help the nurse decide the morally correct thing to do?

a. Standards of Practice
b. Hospital Policy manual
c. Code of ethics
d. Wisconsin nurse practice act.

c. Code of ethics


The student nurse is caring for an elderly confused client and while bathing the client moves away from the bed to change the water in the basin without raising the side rails. Who could be held responsible if the client falls?

b. The nursing home
c. The instructor
d. The student nurse

d. The student nurse


The student nurse leaves the client's chart on the counter outside the client's room to run in and check the client's pulse. The instructor fails the student for the day based on what standard?

a. Should have checked the pulse before getting the chart
b. Needs to be better organized
c. Demonstrated break in asepsis by not washing hands
d. Did not protect the client's privacy

d. Did not protect the client's privacy


Which of the following is an example of primary prevention while caring for the client in the hospital?

a. Preparing the client for a mammogram.
b. Suggesting the client might need a HIV test.
c. Doing range of motion on a client after a stroke.
d. Making sure the client eats his meals.

d. Making sure the client eats his meals.


The nurse is in charge of the unit and is making assignments. Which client is most appropriate to assign to the LPN?

a. Client returning from surgery needing frequent assessments
b. Client who is stable and needs some basic procedures
c. Client who needs complicated discharge teaching.
d. Client who is being evaulated for response to new treatments.

b. Client who is stable and needs some basic procedures


Who is responsible for the student nurse's actions?

a. Floor nurse
b. Physician
c. Registered Nurse
d. Student nurse

d. Student nurse


In order to be licensed as a registered nurse in Wisconsin, the student must graduate from:

a. A Masters program
b. A Wisconsin nursing program
c. A diploma, associate or bachelor's program in nursing
d. An LPN program

c. A diploma, associate or bachelor's program in nursing


The nurse is on the elevator and hears 2 other nurses discussing a client's medical situation. The nurse understands that this is a violation of:

a. Confidentiality
b. Religious principles
c. Nursing values
d. The medicare reimbursement act

a. Confidentiality


To protect the client's privacy, when referring to a client in a class report the student nurse should:

a. Not discuss the client's medical history
b. Use the clients social security number
c. Identify the client by initials only
d. Include all identifying data

c. Identify the client by initials only


The purpose of the ANA "Standards of Practice" is to

a. Make sure all agencies have the same policies
b. Credential Nursing Schools
c. Describe the responsibilites of a nurse
d. Negotiate work contracts for members.

c. Describe the responsibilites of a nurse


What is the Criteria of a profession?

Body of knowledge, code of ethics, autonomy, professional organizations


What is the Role of advocate?

To Protects clients and helps them speak for themself


What is the Role of change agent?

To Helps clients modify their behavior


What is the Nurse Practice Act?

Laws that regulate the nurse to protect the public


What is Promoting health and wellness?

Role of the nurse to enhance client wellbeing


What is Restoring health?

Role of nurse that focuses on the ill client


What is the ANA Standards of Practice?

Describes the responsibilities for which nurses are accountable.


What is the American Nurses Association?

Organization which fosters high standards of nursing practice


What is the National League for Nurses?

Organization including non nurses that fosters nursing education and practice.


What is a Licensed Practical Nurse?

A nurse who Works under the supervision of a registered Nurse


Who Provides Basic direct care to clients?

Role of LPN


Who makes nursing judgements, assessment and evaluation of clients?

Role of RN


What is CE credits?

Continuing nursing education that does not lead to another degree


What is Evidence based practice?

Substantiating clinical decisions based on reseach