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chapter 2
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Under Article 1, the U.S. Constitution gives the national government all of the following expressed powers except

regulate intrastate commerce


Which federal agencies work alongside Texas agencies complementing their economy?

Department of Defense, Border Patrol, and Agriculture


The attempt to enhance the power of state and local governments, especially by substituting more flexible block grants instead of restrictive categorical grants in aid is called



The Plessy v. Ferguson decision allowed continued discrimination against African Americans, and it became pervasive throughout the South, as

Jim Crow laws


What was one critical challenge to writing the Articles of Confederation in 1787?

The creation of a representative government for a large nation with a diverse population


Which is a correct statement about the Tenth Amendment?

In spite of this amendment the U.S. Supreme Court in McCulloch v. Maryland permitted federal action through implied powers


A system of government that is divided and shared between a national or central government and state or regional governments is utilized by

All of the above are true

(Mexico, North America, Canada)


Which federal agency works alongside the Texas Department of Agriculture to ensure that what people consume is safe and nutritious?

U.S. Department of Agriculture


Powers assigned to both the national and state governments are called

concurrent powers.


What dominant type of federalism existed up until the 1930s?

Dual federalism


The Twenty-fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution forbids states from which of the following?

Enacting poll tax laws as a condition for voting in a national election


Which law outlawed child labor, established a minimum wage, limited the workweek to 40 hours, and mandated overtime pay?

Fair Labor Standards Act


The implied powers of the national government are designed to do whatever is necessary to

carry out the expressed powers of the national government.


In what court case did the U.S. Supreme Court move the balance of power from the states to the national government, limiting the role of the Tenth Amendment and the powers reserved to the states?

Garcia v. San Antonio Metropolitan Transit Authority


Customs and Border Protection has a priority of keeping

All of the above are true

(terrorists out of the country, illegal immigrants and illegal narcotics from entering the country, & facilitating trade and travel while enforcing hundreds of regulations)


Which court case clarified the incorporation of the Fourth Amendment, which provides protections against unreasonable searches and seizures?

Aguilar v. Texas


The understanding that the federal government and state governments are both sovereign within their sphere of influence is called

dual federalism


Prior to the 1970s, the Fair Labor Standards Act did not include what entities from establishing a minimum wage, maximum hour, and overtime pay provisions?

State and local governments