Understanding GCSE Geography for AQA Specification A: Geography Topic 2 Case Study: Kenya (Mass Tourism) Flashcards

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Why is Kenya an important tourist destination?

-Different cultures
Cultures such as the Masai attract tourists who wish to experience new and unique customs and traditions

-Indian Ocean
Kenya borders the Indian Ocean, giving tourists pristine beaches and tropical waters

-Mount Kenya
Second highest mountain in Kenya, hosting activities such as birdwatching and hiking


What are the social benefits of tourism in Kenya

-Provide jobs for locals (11% of income alone comes from tourism)
-A market for local goods and services (1 million European tourists alone a year)


What are the economic benefits of tourism for Kenya?

-Provides for 21% of Kenya's economy
-Provides 15% of Kenya's GDP
-Money is spent for various crucial services such as healthcare and education


What are the environmental benefits of tourism for Kenya?

-Income gained helps protect wildlife and scenery such as the Bamburi National Trail
-Income from tourists can help open up more conservation areas


What are the social impacts of tourism for Kenya

-Poorly paid, seasonal jobs
-Conflict between tourists and the Masai Mara through exploitation of local culture


What are the economic impacts of tourism for Kenya

-Only 15% of earnings go to the country the rest go to travel agencies
-Price hike in honeypot sites


What are the environmental impacts for Kenya

-Environmental is slightly polluted and destroyed
-Wildlife habitats are threatened due to rapidly expanding infrastructure


What has the local government done to manage the impacts

Savannah and Masai Mara Restoration
-More park rangers
-Preserve the Masai Mara such as putting tourists quotas and controlling the flow of tourists

Diversifying into Eco Tourism
-Various eco resorts such as the Kigio Conservancy have been set up
-Diversifying product range into kayaking, hiking etc.