Great Expectations: Notecards from Great Expectations Flashcards

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Great Expectations
Chapters 1, 2
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Christian Culture:

1. Name - inspired nickname = identity

2. Tombstone - something he needs to live up to, his last family connection and he barely knows them. His sister pushed him away from her and to their dead family. Pushed him to the moral of honoring the dead, but he is still inspired to rebellion.

3. Churchyard - change, the thing the unifies life with the dead. Also means Christianity, which is the birthplace of stupid things like respect your elders and keep with the traditions of your ancestors.

Obligation to follow the family's religion

Page 3


Bring Brought Up "By Hand"

(which really just means he was beat)

This establishes him as a child of abuse and it only gets stronger as the novel progresses. It solidifies Pip's opposition to his sister and his connection to Joe, a "fellow-sufferer" (Dickens 7)

Abuse makes and breaks relationships

Page 7