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what should be the primary focus of the care provider role for the nurse?

using the nursing process to provide guidance to the patient in recovery


a nurse researcher is attempting to describe the demographics of todays RNs and reports that relevant information?

most RNs are entering practicing with a bachelors degree


a hospitals standard states, all intravenous sites must be rotated every 72 hours. the nurse who assesses and records variations form this standard is fulfilling which role of nursing?

quality management


the nurses who organizes screenings for employees, assesses the work environment for hazards, and teaches health promoting actibities is employed in the field of

occupational health


the RN who identifies the best resources at the lowest cost to achieve optimal health outcomes for the client is fulfilling the role of

case manager


a patient is admitted for a hip replacement complicated by uncontrolled diabetes and early dementia. the nurse coordinates referrals to an endocrinologist to establish an insulin protocol and organizes out patient physical therapy in an alzheimers assisted living facility upon discharge. the role of this nurse is the

case manager


an RN testifies at a trial where domestic violence is being investigated. she had previously assisted with specimen collection and had assessed the victim. the nurse is involved in _____ nursing



the forensic nurse would most likely be involved in

performing an assessment of rape victim and collecting specimens needed for court


a nurse is an acute care facility helps patients understand how to prevent diabetic neuropathies. this nurse is functioning in the role of



a nurse notices that care is often withheld until an interpreter arrives, if the nurse is not multilingual. the nurse discusses this with the management team and suggests a three part series be presented to the nursing staff to teach some commonly used medical terms in spanish. this nurse is involved in the role of

change agent


a nurse tallies the patient satisfaction surveys and approves the use of an agency nurse because of the high census. this nurse is involved in which nursing role?



in differentiating between interprofessional and multidisciplinary

interprofessional involves members of many disciplines working together to provide patient care to a distinct population


a person from an underrepresented background in nursing is interested in entering nursing school and researches the ethnicity, age, and gender make-up of the nursing profession and finds which fact most interesting?

30% of students in advanced nursing education programs represent minority populations


a nurse who is participating in a health fair asks, "other than nursing, what are some opportunities for careers in the health care professions, and what education is required? the nurse informs participants that a baccalaureate degree is required as the minimun standard for the role of

occupation nurse practitioner


a nurse is interested in practicing in a faith based community, when researching the role of the parish nurse, the nurse finds which statement to be true?

this role is recognized by the american nurses association as a specialty with a defined set of practice guidelines


a nurse is responsible for determining the incidence rates of hospital acquired diarrhea on a pediatric ward after receiving reports that five children admitted with uncontrolled asthma had developed diarrhea while hospitalized. the nurse is working in the role of

infection control


a nurse working in a factory performs routine hearing tests for employees, the factory uses 90 db as the safe limit for an 8 hour days exposure to machine noise rather than 85 db as recommended by the occupational safety and health administration. the nurse is functioning in the role of

occupational health nurse


people are living longer and with older age comes a higher risk of terminal illness. many individuals have chosen to maximize their quality of life but stop aggressive life sustaining treatments. nurses who work with terminally ill patients and their families to provide end of life care, pain management, and family support are practicing in which role?



a nurse explaining the above graph indicated the frequency of falls in 2011 to detect and possibly explain causes of variation. the peaks in june were attributed to regular staff vacations during which agency nurses were used. the nurse is employed in which role?

quality manager


a new graduate desires a position in labor and delivery, however, no position is available. what is the best advice for this nurse

accept another nursing position and transfer into labor and delivery when a position is available


an RN has critical care experience and is proficient in advanced cardiac life support and often helps to lead "codes" and is an expert clinician with superior health assessment skills. enjoying a challenge of a fast paced environment with autonomy, this nurse would best be suited for which nursing role?

flight nurse


the role of the clinical nurse leader would include

coordinating care of a patient admitted 4 days ago with stage IV heart failure and chronic bronchitis by revising care plan to include ambulation 50 feet with assistance


a nurse wants to become an advanced practice nurse and investigates the requirements for a

nurse practitioner

certified nurse midwife

certified registered nurse anesthetist


advanced practice nurses are prepared minimally at the masters degree level with prescriptive privileges, these professionals include

nurse pracitioner

certified nurse midwife

clinical nurse specialist


what characteristics are associated with the clinical nurse leader?

is a generalist prepared at the masters level

provides care at the bedside for complex patients


when may the graduates form approved schools of nursing sign their charting as registered RNs

after passing the NCLEX


which statement concerning the NCLEX-RN examination is correct?

graduates from all three types of nursing programs (diploma, AS, BSN) take the same examination


what does the phrase computerize nursing focused adaptive testing imply?

competency is determined on the basis of difficulty of questions, knowledge of the nursing process, and the number of questions answered correctly


on the NCLEX-RN examination, when the candidate is asked to set goals in collaboration with other members of the health care team, the nurse is being tested in the area of



what is the length of the NCLEX-RN examination based upon?

the performance of the candidate


what is the primary purposed of the NCLEX-RN examination?

ensuring that practitioners have the minimum skills and knowledge needed to provide care that will produce the best patient care outcomes


a student nurse who is preparing to graduate and take the licensure examination asks, "what is compulsory licensure?" the appropriate response of the nursing advisor is which of the following?

to practice as an RN, the nurse must be licensed as a registered nurse


the national council of state board of nursing determines acceptable NCLEX-RN examination questions based on what criteria?

research that indicates needed skills for positions in which most entry level nurses are employed


althought the NCLEX-RN examination has new formats for questions, the most common format is the

multiple choice question item, which allows candidates to select the one correct answer


when delegating care, the RN assigns one nurse to care for a patient with shingles and a different nurse to care for a patient with HIV/AIDS. this represents which category of nursing

safe and effective care environment


a patient is brought to the unit with mediastinal chest tubes with no fluctuation in the water seal chamber, arterial blood gas results reveal pH 7.55, CO2 55, HCO3 28, and O2 98%. carotid artery pulsation is visible with the HOB elevated and the use of tangential lighting. the first action of the nurse is to



a candidate who is taking the NCLEX-RN examination received only 75 questions before the test was stopped. she called her professor and states, I passed. i had to answer only 75 questions. the professor correctly responds by saying

it is possible to receive only 75 questions and not be successful, however, we will keep a positive attitude


which statement accurately describes an expectation of the NCLEX-RN examination tester?

they should study and take practice examinations written at the application and analysis level to ensure that they can meet the higher standards of nursing care and health care delivery


in the NCLEX-RN examination test plan, client needs form the organizing framework of the examination with questions in four categories: safe and effective care environment, health promotion and maintenance, psychosocial integrity, and physiologic integrity. certain processes are then integrated throughout the categories of client needs. which process is integrated into all client need categories?



which action would help a student successfully prepare for the NCLEX-RN examination?

practicing taking NCLEX-RN examination type questions and reviewing rationales for correct and incorrect answers


a graduate is preparing for the NCLEX-RN examination. based on the latest practice survey, the candidate would focus the most amount of time of which content?

pharmacologic pain management


which strategy would promote a high rate of success on the NCLEX-RN examination?

read the entire question and all the possible answer options before selecting an answer


a candidate is taking the NCLEX-RN examination when the computer turns off. the candidate was aware they had reached the 6 hour time limit. a count of completed questions had been recorded on the note pad, and 100 questions were answered. how will the examination be scored?

the computer will analyze the last 60 questions and if above the passing standard, the candidate passes


the order reads: administer 500 mg of kefzol intramuscular. using information located on the medication vial above, the nurse will administer how many mL? the above question represents which type of alternate format question written at which level of blooms taxonomy?

chart/exhibit item, analysis level


a patient with end stage renal disease has a potassium level of 7.5. based on this laboratory result. the nurse interprets which symptom as a significant prompting which action?

drowsiness, stimulate the patient every 30 minutes