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during orientation, a novice nurse sits and "virtually spends" the first few paychecks, envisioning the money going into a personal bank account. in the dream state, the nurse smiles and knows that the pain of nursing school was worth it. which phase of reality shock is the nurse experiencing?



a novice nurse is assigned a patient who has an order to draw blood for culture and sensitivity form a central line before antibiotic therapy is started. the novice reads and rereads the procedure manual. an hour later he stands at the bedside of the patient and stares at the central line, without knowing how to proceed. this phase of reality shock is termed

shock or rejection


according to kramer, nurses in the shock phase should ask themselves

what changes can i make to make me feel good about the choice to become a nurse?


the novice nurse arrives on the nursing unit, is introduced to the staff, is assigned a preceptor, and is asked to participate in the next staff meeting. this introduction into nursing is appropriately termed



several novice nurses share lunch breaks and have comments such as, "i have insomnia from worrying about what i forgot to do for my patient, and "i have no energy" and "i can't believe i cant do my job correctly" these novice nurses are each experiencing different symptoms of



which nurse is more prone to burnout? the nurse who

the one who accepts most offers of overtime


a novice nurse notices the medication nurse hurriedly gathering medication to be adminstered for the entire day, removing them from the packages, and placing them in a paper cup with the patients name and room number on the cup. when one of the patients points at a pill and asks, what is this? and "what does this do? the medication nurse in uncertain because is has long since been removed from the packaging. the novice nurse speaks to the nurse manager about her observations and describes her concerns. the novice nurse has assumed the role of

change agent


the novice nurse calls a supervisor and requests that a "float nurse" be assigned to help with all "assessments of new admissions and postoperative patients" the supervisor asks, "how many admissions and surgery patients have you received? the novice nurse becomes flustered because she has not checked the census but simply bases the need on feeling overwhelmed. this situation best indicates a lack of _______ skills



when the novice nurse asks, "what will happen if this task is not completed" which skill is being demonstrated?

priority setting


in distinguishing between evaluation methods used in school versus those used in the work environment, it is noted that the work environment evaluation includes

appraising outcomes according to policy expectation


when comparing mentoring and role modeling, the role of mentoring is represented by which of the following situaitons?

the novice nurse receives feedback from the experienced nurse related to the use of a new occlusive dressing product and is told, "i couldnt have done it better myself"


a certified oncology nurse notices that a novice nurse is unsure of decision making and lacks technical skills. the novice nurse gains confidence by sharing and learning with the experienced nurse. this relationship continues and builds, allowing the novice nurse to become more confident. this relationship is known as



a novice nurse is unsure how to correctly administer an injection using the Z-track method. what is the best approach for learning this procedure?

ask to observe the skill as it is being performed, then perform it under direct supervision


a student nurse wants to meet other nursing students from different countries and to learn of employment possibilities. the student nurse should

join the student nurses association


an experienced nurse working in oncology is shocked to realize that he feels little empathy when a patient explains, "i developed cancer from having to work in the dry cleaning industry since i was only 8 years old to help support my younger siblings during the depression. now they have all moved away and refuse to help me financially, and it takes everything i have to pay for my chemotherapy medicine. the nurse is experiencing

compassion fatigue


a recruiter is explaining benefits to a group of nursing externs who are highly sought for employment. the recruiter states, "we are the only hospital in town that offers a residency program" the recruiter further explains that a residency program

it offers extended time for both theory and clinical activities that promote problem solving and clinical decision making


a novice nurse is stressed due to always being behind with her assignments. she is overheard saying, "no one here worries about checking nasogastric tube placement before they give medications and hang feedings. skipping that step would save me an extra 30 minutes to be used for charting. if they can do it, so can i. "this nurse is experiencing which stage of reality shock?



a novice nurse is placed in charge just after orientation ends. which statement by the novice nurse would ensure a smooth delegation experience when delegating to an experienced staff member?

you have patients in rooms 5 through 10 and i will administer all IV medicaitons. i will let you know if i have to adjust. if you see you need help let me know


a novice nurse is in the "rejection phase" of stress and wonders if she made the right decision when deciding nursing was her chosen career. which strategy would help the novice nurse cope with transition into practice and reduce stress?

when asked by the charge nurse to accept the new admission even though she has no discharges, the novice nurse stops and considers if this request is acceptable and sage, then accepts the assignment based on two patients having a low acuity level


in orientation, a new graduate is surprised to learn of workplace violence in health care agencies and asks, "what kind of violence is common in hospitals?: the educator describes workplace violence as

it is experienced nurses withholding pertinent information from coworkers to portray them as incompetent

it is demonstrated in statements such as "the new nurse has book sense but cant perform admission physical without the help of everyone on the unit


faculty comes to class to present information about joining the student nurses association. a student is heard saying, "why join this organization? it is just a bunch of students like us. I'll wait and join the real nursing organization after graduation" this student is not aware of which benefits of SNA?

leadership skills can be refined by working with other schools of nursing

a global view of nursing can be obtained through networking internationally


which statements demonstrate characteristics would be desirable in a mentor?

how were you taught to do this school

can you think of a way to make this easier for the patient?

let me know when its a good time to show you how to do this new scale

today was rough but there are fewer admissions scheduled for tomorrow


in deciding whether to say no to a request that involves a time commitment, the professional nurse must consider

the cost-benefit ratio


positive time management skills include

scheduling daily activities


time can be maximized to produce the best outcomes by

making the first hour of each workday productive


to conduct a productive meeting, the nurse should

creating an agenda with specific times allotted for each agenda item


the nurse should consider delegating the task to which person?

the one needing to develop related skills


when using the ABC system of managing time, those items coded A include

checking to see why a ventilator is alarming


when deciding whether and when a task should be completed, a nurse must

asking, "what will happen if i dont complete the task now?"


when planning, a nurse shoul

remember that most tasks take longer than anticipated to complete


a novice nurse is unsure of his ability to insert a nasogastric tube for one of the assigned patients who is vomiting coffee ground emesis. the novice nurse waits, hoping that someone with more experience will volunteer to do the job, or he just waits until the end of the shift. this nurse is practicing



a student nurse assigned to work with the charge nurse is given the opportunity to help revise the nursing assessment form. she receives several compliments from management and her nursing instructor for her creative suggestions. the student nurse enjoys the project and attention she is receiving and begins to prolong the conclusion of the project. although she constantly adds new information, she filters this out slowly to others. the student nurse is subject to the time management obstacle of

fear of completion


an inexperienced nurse has heard of other novice nurses who take shortcuts in providing patient care. this nurse feels that this is unacceptable and that all tasks must be performed faultlessly, which leads to her inability to complete all assigned tasks. this nurse would benefit from the seminar "obstacles to time management: how to deal with:



an experienced nurse volunteers to serve on a task force intended to improve the quality of care because she possesses excellent patient care skills and has selected a career goal of working in quality management. however, the nurse is unable to concentrate on any one task or issue and is unable to view the health care milieu sensibly. which source of energy is missing in this nurse?



after keeping a log of activities designed to improve time management, the nurse decides the distractions into internal and external sources. the nurse would classift which distraction as internal?

responding to recurring crises at work in ones personal life


a nurse realizes that much time is wasted during shift report when coworkers discuss personal items such as recent movies or department store sales. which statement would help with time management during this critical interaction?

i have the list of patients, lets start with revisions to the plan of care and scheduled activities for the next shift


a nurse takes a day to travel to a state park where she can sit by the river alone to reflect of recent events and put things into perspective. she recalls the time she was complemented for her ability to deal with a difficult patient and another time when she was criticized for lack of teamwork. this nurse is improving which source of energy?



as part of a quality assurance project, a nurse is to round on every patient daily for 1 month to ensure the intravenous tubing is labeled with date hung and nurses initials. the nurse is hoping to be promoted to a full time position within the quality department, and her success on this project is very important to her receiving the position. the nurse retains all other assignments, and she is often interrupted to help other staff or answer call lights. the nurse discusses her concerns with the manger, who frees her for 1 hour each day to make rounds. during this 1 hour each day the nurse will organize herself and environment by practicing the

art of no detourism


a nurse is having difficulty managing assignments at work, which results in a feeling of "failure" and tasks that are not completed or that are not completely satisfactorily. the mentor suggests some tips for time management. these include

planning today for tomorrows activities and needs

maintaining a log of how the nurse spends time


a nurse is having difficulty keeping up with the six assigned patients and serving on the ethics committee. in order to take charge of both personal and work life, the nurse focuses on improving physical energy by

keeping a bottle of water available to consume a minimum of 24 ounces each shift

going into the nurses break room every 90 minutes to eat a healthy snack and prioritize remaining care

enrolling in the hospitals fitness program, nurses need nurturing


a nurse hopes to improve time management skills using the ABC prioritization approach. which tasks would be prioritized as "B"?

review dress code policy to give feedback before appointment in the morning

complete patient teaching prior to discharge in 2 hours

review procedure for inserting a PICC line to assist with procedure later this


a nurse is hoping for a promotion and seeks the help of a coach to improve time management skills. the first task assigned by the coach is for the nurse to list all external distractors that prevent organization and completion of tasks. the nurse would include

waiting for oncoming shift to start walking rounds

talking with a patients family member who is also a personal friend