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the advanced practice nurse who is seeking information about requirements for practice in a specialized area should contact the

american nurses credentialing center (ANCC)


the primary purpose of licensure for RNs is to

protect the public


nurse practice acts

are written and passed by legislators


to ensure that nursing legislation is current and is reviewed by specific dates, if a nurse practice act fails to be reviewed, it is automatically rescinded under which law?

sunset legislation


current trends in telecommunications and increased mobility of nurses have led to the approval of a mutual recognition model of nursing regulation, in which nurses are allowed to practice in states that are compact states without obtaining a license in each state. on which website would a nurse find a list of current compact states?

national council of state boards of nursing (NCBSN)


the first field of nursing to certify advanced practitioners was the field of

nurse anesthesia


a graduate of a nursing school in the united states plans to practice nursing in Paris, France. to request licensure to practice in Paris, the nurse

should contact the international council of nurses or the nursing regulatory board of that country


a nurse who is lecensed in georgia and moves to oregon

must check oregons nurse practice act related to licensure for endorsement


when practicing in a compact state

patients rights in relation to the nurse practice act are protected by the mutual recognition model


when participating in a nurse licensure compact, the nurse

is held responsible for complying with the nursing practice laws in the state where practicing at the time care is rendered


a new graduate from a masters entry program in nursing announces, I just passed my clinical nurse leader certification examination. Certification as a clinical nurse leader

recognizes achievement of advanced skills and knowledge


a nurse holds a license in one state but wishes to practice in a second state that is not participating in a nurse licensure compact agreement. the nurse is granted licensure on payment of a fee but does not retake the licensure examination. the nurse obtains licensure in the second state.

by licensure and by endorsement


a nurse practicing in the early 1900s was awarded a permissive license. these licenses:

were voluntary, however, a nurse who failed the examination could not use the title RN


a group of registered nurses with ADN degrees are concerned that the minimum educational standard for licensure as a registered nurse is being raised to the bachelors (BNS) level. after contacting the american nurses association, they learn they will be grandfathered in. under the grandfather clause, nurses with associate degrees will

continue to use the title "registered nurse"


who establishes the "rules" for nursing practice

individual state boards of nursing


a nurse is completing the degree requirements for an advanced practice role as a nurse practitioner and is concerned about certification requirements. which statement concerning certification for advanced practice is true?

all states require certification for all specialty roles that are identified as advanced practice


nurses in tennessee, mississippi, and arkansas gather for a conference related to improving quality and safety in practice and nursing education. they are awarded continuing education credit for participation and evaluation of the conference. one nurse from california states, "I need these CEs to renew my license". the nurse from mississippi replies, "you do not need CEs for license revewal or advance practice certification renewal. which statement about CEs would help the nurse?

the purpose of continuing education is to ensure competence of the workforce after graduation, but each state determines if CEs are required


a nurse who wishes to practice in another state

determine whether the state is a compact state

inquire about obtaining licensure by endorsement


which statements concerning licensure as a registed nurse are correct?

each nurse practice act describes requirements for initial licensure

candidates for licensure must present proof of graduation as required by the state


a group of graduates were just notified that they had successfully passed the licensure examination. during the orientation process at the hospital, one asks, "I am looking at my license, but i don't really know the duties performed by the board of nursing." The staff development nurse explains that the board of nursing

grants nursing licensure

assigns disciplinary action when the nurse acts in a manner that results in harm to a patient

assures qualified members are appointed to the board


a nursing student is in the final term of an associate science of nursing program and is preparing for licensure. prior to licensure the candidate must provide evidence of

graduation from a nursing program

graduation from high school or high school equivalency


which nursing theory might a nurse use a conceptual framework to determine how to meet the needs of immigrants while ensuring provision of high-quality and culturally sensitive care

madelein leiningers nursing theory


when reading peplaus theory, a nurse was unable to determine the relationships among concepts. the nurse listed each concept and drew lines denoting relationships to be able to understand the effect of each element. the nurse created a



the statement, "nursing is a caring profession that focuses on helping people be as healthy as possible", is an example of a



einsteins theory of relativity laid the groundwork for theories of mathematics, and freud and jung provided the basis for a philosophy of man. which nursing theory served as the foundation for nursing science?

nightingales theory of practice


a community health nurse has been visiting a postpartum client who suffered domestic violence throughout the pregnancy, and now the infant may be at risk. the nurse assisted the client in finding shelter and legal protection. the nurses role and the conceptual framework involved are

change agent, according to roys adaptation model


what are general explanations that scholars use to explain, predict, control, and understand commonly occurring events?



which type of theory most often guides present nursing practice?

middle range theory


a client is hypertensive, and the doctor prescribes weight reduction. the client is excited about beginning the diet, but on arriving home the spouse states, "you have always been fat, and i am not going to starve because you can't control yourself" the client becomes anxious and is unable to participate in the diet plan, resulting in a weight gain of 5 pounds in 2 weeks. which theorist could best be referred to for guidance regarding intervention in this situation?

hildegard E. peplau


a nurse believes that humans use creativity and critical thinking to balance their connections with their surroundings. the nurse decides to conduct a study on the basis of this belief. which nursing theory would be best for this study?

rogers science of unitary human beings: humans as energy fields that interact constantly with the environment


a client involved in a motor vehicle accident is blinded. the nurse helps the client obtain a guide dog so the client may continue grocery shopping and visiting friends and family. this enables the client to cope with the handicap and perform activities of daily living. which nursing theory can be applied to this scenario?

orems self-care deficit


a young child is having abdominal pain, and the doctor informs the parents that a computed tomography scan of the abdomen will be ordered. the doctor tells the child, "this CAT scan won't hurt you" the child is visible upset because of a fear of cats. according to mishels uncertainty in illness theory, which stage of the framework is represented

stimuli frame


a nurse researcher determines whether findings are substantial by calculating the level of significance. which aspect of the scientific inquiry is being conducted?



a nurse who has practiced on an orthopedic unit for 10 years unexpectedly becomes pregnant. at delivery the physician informs the mother, "your baby has alport syndrome, but then i don't have to explain what that means with your medical background" the mother is unfamiliar with this disease and withdraws as a coping mechanism. which nursing theory would provide a framework to guide nursing care for this mother?

mishels uncertainty of illness


if a nurse applies nightingales theory to current practice, the nurses first step will be to evaluate the hospital rooms air quality and second to

arrange for the client to go outside, weather permitting, while keeping the rooms window blinds open


a nurse develops a new nursing theory related to stress and viability. the nurse determines the theory accounts for historical events in which soldiers suffering from the stress of inadequate clothing to protect them from the cold and lack of correspondence from home had an increased mortality related to gunshot wounds. the theory will predict gunshot victims need for proper clothing and letters from significant others as they serve in iraq. which criterion for theory acceptance is being validated?



a nurse practicing on a unit where domestic violence is common wants to learn how to apply nursing theory to practice on this unit. she considers the interrelatedness of the constructs of watsons theory of caring and designs

conceptual model of caring


a nurse in a rehabilitation unit plans activities of daily living to prevent excessive fatigue, helps the patient dress before the family visits, assists with range of motion, and allows the patient to decide which clothes to wear during the visit. this nurse is best applying which theory to practice?

levines theory of conservation


a nurse is evaluating levines theory of conservation to determine if it can be applied to patients in the initial phases of chemotherapy treatment. during this phase of theory acceptance, the nurse wants to determine if all the concepts of energy, structural integrity, personal integrity, and social integrity are included in the care of cancer treatment. the nurse is applying which criteria of theory acceptance?



a nurse is heard making this comment, "i believe human dignity is based on perceived self-worth while caring is based on perceived role in society that forms the basis of nursing practice" this nurse is

making a proposition concerning the constructs of nursing practice


a group of nurses are interested in the how to improve teaching effectiveness for patients who have a hearing impariment and lack family involvement while hospitalized. they believe "hearing loss decreases the teaching effectiveness while hospitalized" the group plans to evaluate teaching effectiveness using a 10 point likert scale pre-post teaching, perform a hearing test to determine degree of heating loss on admission, and have social work evaluate the impact of hearing impairment on patients ability to safely live alone prior to discharge. the group is working in which step of the scientific process?



which of the following are concepts related to nursing theory?






a priority action for the nurse who works with culturally diverse clients to complete initially is completion of addition form of support?

cultural self-assessment


a nurse is caring for a recent asian immigrant client and is overheard making the following comment, "these rituals you believe in are false. you live in america now and must believe in realistic health practices, like american do" the nurse is exhibiting behavior associated with what belief?



a nurse is submitting a grant application to improve access to health care and mortality for minority groups. the grant focuses on the six causes of death that are identified as priorities for minorities, which include what medical diagnosis?

breast cancer


a nurse is given a referral to make a home visit to a russian immigrant. the nurse knows very little about the health beliefs of this ethnic group. to research this group, what term should the nurse use in an internet search?

marginalized populations


which statement is true regarding health care for minorities

higher costs of health care coupled with lower wages for minorities have prevented most minorities from seeking health care


while completing a master nursing degree in virginia, a nurse who is interested in teaching in laredo, Texas, enrolls in spanish classes for 4 years, knowing that a high number of mexican americans live there. this nurse is demonstrating what social value?

cultural competence


a nurse plans to move to an area that is rich in immigrants from several countries and is concerned about respecting others cultural beliefs. what is the nurses first step to ensure cultural competence and sensitivity?

conducting a cultural self-assessment to identify biases or prejudices


an asian teenageris admitted with an eating disorder which she contributes to not meeting the academic expectations of her parents. the nurse is overheard saying. that isn't the reason, all asians are really smart. this nurse is demonstrating which cultural biases?



six cultural phenomena that vary among cultural groups are known to affect health care. the influence of the consequences of these phenomena can be seen in which of the following?

blacks and american indians often resist direct eye contact

mexican americans are more likely to stand close and touch health care providers


a nurse involved in researching the leading causes of death for minorities considers the federally defined minority groups, which include what populations?



asians or pacific islanders