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a pregnant client tells the nurse that she is worried about the blotchy, brownish coloring over her cheeks, nose and forehead. the nurse can reassure the client that this is a normal condition related to hormonal change, commonly called the mask of pregnancy or significantly known as?

chloasma (melasma)


the nurse encourages this patient to consume more of which food in order to increase calcium intake?

canned sardines


the nurse is providing care for the laboring woman should understand that the FHR decelerations can be caused by

altered fetal cerebral blood flow, umbilical cord compression, uteroplacental insufficiency


the diagnosis of pregnancy is based on which positive signs of pregnancy?

identification of FH, visualization of the fetus, verification of fetal movement


a patient has just moved to the US from central america. She is 3 months pregnant and has arrived for her 1st prenatal visit. During the assessment interview, the nurse discovers that she has not had any immunizations. which immunizations should she receive at this stage?

tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis B


signs that precede labor include

lightening, bloody show, rupture of membranes


when teaching a patient about structure and function of the placenta, which information should the nurse include?

as one of its early functions, the placenta acts as an endocrine gland


a pregnant patient at 18 weeks of gestation calls the clinic to report experiencing occasional backaches of mild to moderate intensity. the nurse recommends which action?

pelvic rock exercises


assessment of a pregnant patients nutritional status includes a diet history, medication regimen, physical examination and relevant laboratory tests. what should a maternity nurse performing such as assessment consider?

illnesses that have created nutritional deficits, such as PKU, may require nutritional care before conception


during the initial visit with the client beginning prenatal care, what should the nurse consider?

nurses should be alert to the appearance of potential parenting problems, such as depression or lack of family support


when working with pregnant clients of various cultures, a nurse practitioner has observed various practices that seem strange or unusual and has learned that cultural rituals and practices during pregnancy seem to have one purpose in common. which statement best describes that purpose?

to promote healthy habits during pregnancy


what are the components of the umbilical cord?

2 arteries 1 vein, whartons jelly


a client arrives at the clinic for a pregnancy test. the last menstrual period was december 2016, when is the expected date of birth

october 7, 2017


how does the clients family most impact the maternity nurse?

family culture and structure will influence nursing care decisions


_____use/abuse during pregnancy causes vasoconstriction and decreased placental perfusion, resulting in maternal and neonatal complications



sexual assault is best described by which phrase?

act of force in which an unwanted and uncomfortable sexual act occurs


a nurse should be aware that a partners main role in pregnancy is which action?

support and nurture the pregnant woman


which information regarding work and travel should the nurse informed pregnant client?

while working or traveling in a car or on a plane, women should arrange to walk around at least every hour or so


with regard to fetal positioning during labor, nurses should be aware that

birth is imminent when the presenting part is at +4 to +5cm below the ischial spine


identify the term that describes maternity nursing care that is based on knowledge gained through research and clinical trials

evidence based practices


what is an unexpected negative occurence involving death or serious physical or psychological injury?

a sentinel event


the nurse who provides preconception care implements which concept?

could include interventions to reduce substance use/abuse


a first time mother at 18 weeks of gestation is in for a regularly scheduled prenatal visit. the client tells the nurse that she is afraid that she is going into premature labor because she is beginning to have regular contractions. which information is most correct for teaching the client about braxton hicks contractions?

this type of contraction is painless


the nurse should include which in the patient teaching regarding weight gain during pregnancy?

pregnant patients with inadequate weight gain have an increased risk of delivering an infant with intrauterine growth restrictions


a nurse is assessing a client during her first prenatal visit to the clinic. the nurse takes the clients temperature. 100.2 F. which of the following actions on the part of the nurse is appropriate?

obtain an order for antibiotics


which are positive signs of pregnancy?

determined by ultrasound


prenatal testing for HIV is recommended for which woman

all woman, regardless of risk factors


a pregnant patient is at 22 weeks of gestation. the nurse expects to palpate the fundus at which level?

slightly above the umbilicus


a woman in week 34 of pregnancy reports that she is very uncomfortable because of heartburn. the nurse would suggest that the woman

eat five small meals a day


the nurse has received a report about a woman in labor. the womans last vaginal examination was recorded as 3/50/-2. the nurses interpretation of this assessment is that

the cervis is 3cm dilated, it is 50% effaced, and the presenting part is 2 cm above the ischial spine


a woman in labor has just received an epidural block. the most important nursing intervention is to

monitor the maternal blood pressure for possible hypotension


a woman can expect to experience what change with pregnancy

will have increased lordosis


during the 1st trimester a woman can expect which change in sexual desire?

decrease, because of nausea and fatigue


which statement about pregnancy is accurate?

a normal pregnancy lasts about 10 lunar months


identify the term that describes when the fetus begins to descend and drop into the pelvis



the nurse is collecting data from a client who is 32 weeks gestation. the nurse measures the fundal height in centimeters and expects the findings to be which height?



a pregnant client calls the nurse at the providers office and reports that she has noticed a thin, colorless, vaginal drainage. which information would be best for the nurse to provide to the client?

the vaginal discharge may be bothersome but it is a normal occurence


the nurse teaches a pregnant woman about the presumptive, probable and positive signs of pregnancy. the woman demonstrates understanding of the nurses instructions if she states that a presumptive sign of pregnancy is

fetal movement palpated by the nurse midwife


due to the musculoskeletal system adaptation to the changes that occur during pregnancy, which is the highest risk potential?