Chapter 28 & 29 - Development and Heredity Quiz Flashcards

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Which of the following unites with the sperm during fertilization?

1) primary oocty

2) secondary oocyte

3) oogonium

4) granulosa cell

5) cumulus oophorus

secondary oocyte


After fertilization ____ stimulates the corpus luteum to continue secreting progesterone

1) human growth hormone (hGH)

2) human placental growth hormone (HPG)

3) human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)

4) human choreographic hormone (HCH)

human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)


The ampulla of the fallopian tube is the site for ?

1) Implantation of the blastocyst

2) Fertilization

3) Ovulation

4) Formation of the corpus luteum



Place the following terms into their correct time sequence.
1. fertilization
2. blastocyst
3. morula
4. zygote
5. implantation
6. development of chorionic villi

1) 1,2,3,4,5, and 6

2) 1,4,3,2,6, and 5

3) 1,4,3,2,5, and 6

4) 1,2,6,5,3, and 4

5) 4,5,1,2,3, and 6

1,4,3,2,5, and 6


The first stage of labor is:

1) expulsion of the placenta

2) the stage of fetal expulsion

3) from onset of uterine contractions till complete dilation of the cervix

from onset of uterine contractions till complete dilation of the cervix


Pregnancy test kits used when a woman misses her periods detect the presence of ?

1) EPF in the blood

2) HCG in the blood

3) EPF in the urine

4) HCG in the urine

HCG in the urine


Sperms and the ovum carry?

1) Diploid number of chromosomes

2) Haploid number of chromosomes

3) Triploid number of chromosomes

4) Tetraploid number of chromosomes

Haploid number of chromosomes


Stacy's last menstrual period was January 7th. Her expected date of delivery is most likely to be?

1) December 12th

2) October 14th

3) April 7th

4) November 10th

October 14th


Which one of the following is derived from mesoderm?

1) brain

2) pectoralis major

3) epidermis of skin

4) thyroid gland

pectoralis major


Fraternal twins are always of the same sex.

1) True

2) False



Which part of the blastocyst will become the structure capable of producing the hormone that maintains the corpus luteum?

1) morula

2) trophoblast

3) inner cell mass

4) blastocoel



At which stage in embryonic development does implantation occur?

1) zygote

2) blastocyst

3) morula

4) neurula



All of the following are true, EXCEPT:

1) The germ layers arise from the inner cell mass

2) Trophoblast secretes HCG

3) HCG is responsible for keeping the corpus luteum alive till a certain period

4) Maternal and fetal blood mix freely throughout pregnancy

Maternal and fetal blood mix freely throughout pregnancy


The embryonic membrane sac that completely encloses the fetus and contains a watery fluid is the

1) yolk sac

2) chorionic sac

3) amniotic sac

4) blastocystic sac

amniotic sac


Functions of amniotic fluid include:

1) Protection of the embryo from shocks

2) allowing fetal movements

3) Brings about the onset of labor when the amniotic sac[bag] ruptures

4) All of the above

Protection of the embryo from shocks, allowing fetal movements, Brings about the onset of labor when the amniotic sac[bag] ruptures, All of the above


Xc is the gene for color blindness and XC is the normal gene for color vision. In order for a girl to suffer from color blindness her genotype should be:

1) XcXc

2) XcY

3) XCXc


5) XcYc



Tzar Mikail and Tzarina Katerina are both apparently healthy. They have a royal prince who is afflicted with a strange bleeding disease (X-linked hemophilia). A mad monk Rasputin,(a doctor in those days) diagnoses the problem and says one of the parents is responsible for giving the child the disease. Which parent?

1) Tzar

2) Tzarina



The genotype rr indicates that both alleles are _____ and that they are _____.

1) homozygous, dominant

2) heterozygous, dominant

3) homozygous, recessive

4) heterozygous, recessive

homozygous, recessive


When the alleles of a gene pair are NOT identical they are said to be

1) heterozygous

2) dominant

3) homozygous

4) codominant

5) recessive



The gene for Parkinsons's Disease is dominant. If a person who is heterozygous for this trait mates with a person who is also heterozygous for this trait, the probability that their child will be afflicted (express the disorder) is?

1) 0%

2) 25%

3) 75%

4) 100%



Steve and Emily are expecting their second baby. They already have a son. What are their chances of another son in this pregnancy?

1) 25%

2) 50%

3) 75%

4) Not a chance!

5) 100%



How many pairs of autosomes are there?

1) 22 pairs

2) 1 pair

3) 2 pairs

4) 4 pairs

22 pairs


A man and a woman have had several children but none of them are boys. They go to the doctor, who tells them in each pregnancy thre is a 50% chance of conceiving a boy, and only one of the parents' determines the sex of the baby. Which parent?

1) Father

2) Mother

3) The doctor is wrong



A recessive trait has to be inherited in the homozygous form in order to manifest.

1) True

2) False



Cystic fibrosis is a recessive autosomal disorder. Mom is homozgous with dominant alleles, hence does not suffer from the disease but Dad is heterozygous(carries the defective allele). What percent of their offspring will be afflicted _____ and what percent will carry the defective allele? _____

1) 0, 50

2) 75, 0

3) 25, 75

4) 100, 50

0, 50