Sociocultural approaches: Effects of Stereotyping Flashcards

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Generalized beliefs about the characteristics associated with the members of a specific social groups.

  • allows assumptions to be made about a person/ group based on limited information
  • they affect the behaviors of those who hold the stereotype and those who are labeled by it
  • may be positive or negative, however most stereotypes today are leading to discrimination and prejudice


Stereotype Threat

Occurs when an individual is in a situation where they are prone to be judged or treated stereotypically

  • it is also the fear that the individual will conform to the stereotype, in other words, you feel that you might behave in a way that confirms a stereotype about a group that you belong to.
  • such threats could turn on "spotlight anxiety" which causes emotional distress and pressure that may lead to lack of confidence, self-defeating behaviors, and disengaged attitude.
    • ironically, these resulting ne4gative behaviors could cause a self-fulfilling prophecy... when a perception held by a person alters his/her behavior in a way that tends to make it true.


Study Used

Spencer et Al. (1977): Stereotype Threats