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  • Church collected taxes from everyone in Europe
  • Leaders of the Church - started to live a life of luxury (houses, art, clothing)
  • Leaders of the Church - started to use wealth (from taxes) to influence leaders of Europe.
  • Many followers started to question why and how the Clergy leaders got so wealthy.


Indulgences before Martin Luther

All before Martin Luther


  • Forgiving of sins
  • As long as the sinner was sorry and did good things - God would forgive



  • Church started to sell indulgences for money instead of faith
  • Used money to build Saint Peter’s Basilica (Home of the Pope) Today
  • Looked like people could pay their way into heaven


Traditional practices

  • Bibles were written in Latin and Masses were spoken in Latin
  • Most people didn’t speak, read or understand Latin



  • Catholic Church said only they (Clergy) could read the Bible not ordinary people
  • Most people felt they didn’t have a direct relationship with God.
  • Had to go through the Catholic Church to talk to god


Peter Waldo

Lyons, France

Peter would go around through Lyons and spread the message of Christ to make money and the church didn’t like it.

He got excommunicated


John Wycliffe


He knew that the church was corrupted and also had ideas about the Church and the church didn’t like it. Influenced the poor.

Natural causes later got his own bones burned.


Jan Haus

Bohemian or Czech republic

He challenged the ideas of the Catholic teachings and considered his ideas and was later excommunicated.

Burned at the stake for Heresy.


Start of the Reformation

The start of reformation began in Wittenberg, Germany. Martin Luther published a document called the series of 95 ideas about Christianity. Martin debated his ideas with other people about the catholic church.


Luther's believes and problems

Martin Luther believed that the Church was giving them false information and had his own ideas about the Catholic Church that they didn’t like.


Catholic reaction

The Catholic Church didn’t like when he kept going door to door telling the person that if they give him money their family member will survive.


effects of the Reformation

The effects of the reformation led to a new type of Christianity called Protestantism the name was used for the separation of the Roman Catholic Church.


Martin Luther 95 idea's

The church gets mad at him and Luther disagrees with what the church is telling people and believes that they should read the bible for themselves.

The pope is mad at Luther along with the other church leaders. The pope excommunicated Luther so Luther went into hiding to translate the bible to Germany so more people could read the Bible.


The protestant Reformation starts.

They were a movement of change and tried to go against the Catholic church because they believe in Martin Luther.

A shift in political powers and protestants were viewed as corrupt, people were worried about the enriching itself to help other people.


Luther's ideas spread across Germany

Luther decided to translate the Bible into Germany.

New churches called the Lutheran, more followers, even princes supported Luther's idea. People believed that the Catholic church became too powerful.


William Tyndale translated the bible to English

Did it so everybody could read the bible, just like Luther did but with German.

Traveled to Germany to make a new testament because the Catholic church did not like his actions.


John Calvin develops Calvinism

He believed that hard work showed God that individuals were chosen for salvation.

He has Calvinist churches and religious groups even though there is no singing, no pictures of saints and they are very plain.


King Henry Vlll forms the Church of England

Had political arguments and didn’t like protestant teaching. Had Lutherans killed and exiled.

He published a book and made the monarchy happier as the leader of the church.


Counter Reformation Begins

He wanted to strengthen and improve and didn’t want Protestantism to spread. Wanted new pieces of the world to know what they do.

They grow into a larger community and keep trying to stop Protestantism.



Called the society of Jesus, created to serve the pope and the church.

They spread Catholicism around the world and sent missionaries around the world.


The Council of Trent

They discuss a reform of the church, clarify teachings.

Tried to show them what was different about them and Protestantism, said the bible was still their choice of book.


The Inquisition

Brought back the Inquisition to the church and used to punish people or try to.

A Church court that tried to punish if they had to, help the people who were accused of heretics or who didn’t follow the church rules. Operated in the popes territories.


Luther's Idea's

1. Faith in god Alone was enough for salvation

2. The Bible should be interpreted by the individual rather than the Church

3. The priesthood of all believers.