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Why were taxes a problem facing the Catholic Church?

- Not just the government collected taxes, the Catholic Church did too.

- Leaders of the Church started becoming rich with this tax money and lived a luxury life.

- Leaders of the Church started using this wealth to influence other leaders of Europe.

- People started to question why the Clergy leaders got so wealthy.


Why were indulgences a problem facing the Catholic Church?

- Indulgences are forgiving of sins. As long as the sinner was sorry and did good things, God would forgive you.

- The Catholic Church started to sell indulgences for money instead of faith. They used the indulgence money to build Saint Peter's Basilica.

- People paid their way into Heaven.


Why were the traditional practices and structures a problem facing the Catholic Church?


- Bibles were written in Latin and the Church spoke Latin, but most people don't understand Latin.


- The Clergy leaders said that only they can read the Bible, nobody else.

- Most people felt they didn't have a relationship with God.

- People had to go to the Catholic Church to ask the Clergy to pray for them.


What was the cause and effect for Martin Luther writing 95 theses?

Martin Luther didn't agree with the Church's practices, so he wrote 95 theses and nailed them on the Church's door. His new ideas spread quickly and people started to support his sayings.


What was the cause and effect for the start of the Protestant Reformation?

People who started to agree with Martin Luther that protested against the Church became known as Protestants, the movement to change or reform the Catholic Church. Instead of reforming it, the Protestants created a Protestant Church.


What was the cause and effect for Martin Luther's ideas spreading across Germany?

The printing press allowed Martin Luther's 95 theses to be printed faster and cheaper. The Pope and Church are upset with him and tells him to unsay his words. Martin Luther says no and he gets excommunicated.


What was the cause and effect for William Tyndale translating the Bible into English?

William Tyndale translated the Bible into English, so everyone can read it. William Tyndale believed the Church should reform their practices. Catholic Leaders did not agree with this action. They captured him and executed him.


What was the cause and effect for John Calvin developing Calvinism?

John Calvin believed that people's actions and faith do not determine whether or not they will be saved and go to Heaven. He believed that it is already chosen before you're born if you're going to Heaven or not. Showing hard work towards God was a sign that he chose you to go to Heaven. This theory spread across Europe. Calvinists followed strict rules. No gambling, no alcohol, or no dancing. His ideas later became the basis of the presbyterian Church.


What was the cause and effect for King Henry VIII forms the Church of England?

King Henry loved Anne Boleyn, but he was already married to Catherine of Aragon. He now wanted to marry Anne Boleyn, but the Catholic Church said no divorcing. King Henry was now the head of the Church of England. (Anglican Church). He took all control of the monks land, but gave away some of this land to his followers. King Henry started to kill all the Catholics in England and had a total of 5 divorces.


What was the cause and effect for the start of the Counter Reformation?

Leaders of the Catholic Church began a reform. They hoped to strengthen and improve the Church and to stop the spread of protestantism. They wanted to spread the Catholic faith to new parts of the world.


What was the cause and effect for the Jesuits?

Part of the reform involved creating new orders, or special religious groups, within the Church. They became known for their disipline and for their teaching of Catholic beliefs. The Jesuits spread Catholicism and to stop spreading protestantism through missionaries. The Jesuits founded colleges throughout Europe and sent missionaries around the world.


What was the cause and effect for The Council of Trent?

The clergy members discussed reforms for the Church. They worked to spread Catholicism and stop protestantism. The Council of Trent made new rules, such as limited the sale of indulgences. Soon enough they completely banned the sale. They also set up a rule for Priests to train and where Priests can live.


What was the cause and effect for The Inquisition?

The Inquisition was a Church court that could try and punish people for not following the Catholic Church. The Inquisition was used to punish protestants, but it was now anyone who didn't follow the Catholic Church.


What were Martin Luther's 3 ideas?

1. The Bible is the only source of religious truth.

2. People should read and interpret the Bible for themselves, not the clergy.

3. The only way to Heaven is through faith, not through money or good deeds.


Peter Waldo.

He was born in Lyons, France. Peter convinced a Priest to convert the Bible into French. He was a successful buissness man and gave away his money to preach the New Testament. The Church was mad because he wasn't saying what was actually in the Bible, so he was excommunicated.


John Wycliffe.

He was born in England. The Church was mad he was writing books about his disagreements with the Church, so they burned his bones.


Jan Hus.

He was born in Bohemia Village of Husinec. He announced "evil" practices of the Catholic Church and agreed with Wycliffe's protest. The Catholic Church burnt him at the stake.


Catholic and Protestant split.

In Northern Europe, they were a protestant nation. In the Southern Europe, they were a Catholic nation.


Weakened Power of religion.

Europe split between the protestants and Catholics. Because of the this the Church had less power and less followers and more people became protestants. Political leaders became more powerful.


Individual thoughts and beliefs.

Normal people got what they deserved. They could read the Bible, could read it in their own language, they got a relationship with God, more freedom with gender, education, and religion.