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The ________ approach to psychological disorders gained momentum as psychiatrists and psychologists proposed behavior models that included explanations of abnormality in the nineteenth century.



Which of the following is the essence of the scientific method in the understanding and treatment of abnormal behavior?



Despite the best treatment some patients show a lack of significant improvement because

They may lack the willingness to break older patterns of behavior.


Which of the following was one of the most significant reasons for the declining conditions in mental institutions during the 1800s?



Rajesh has come to see Dr. Walowitz because he has been suffering from significant anxiety for several months. Dr. Walowitz spends some time researching anxiety disorders, as this will be the main focus of the treatment. In this case, an anxiety disorder is the ________ diagnosis



Which of the following expressions best reflects respect for the individual?

Person w/ Schizophrenia


Dr. Richards is treating Joey who is suffering from extreme anxiety. Dr. Richards finds that his patient's symptoms could also be suggestive of a substance-abuse disorder or a serious impulse-control problem. In this case, Dr. Richards should

engage in differential diagnosis


People with psychological disorders may inherit a predisposition to developing behavioral disturbances. This provides evidence that ________ factors contribute to many of the prevalent abnormalities



Of the following options, which is the most crucial determinant of whether or not therapy will be successful?

The quality of the client-clinician relationship.

  1. Dr. Burns is analyzing his client's personal history in an attempt to identify the factors that may have produced his psychotic behavior. Dr. Burns is creating a(n)

case formulation.


Ralph has been sad and listless for three years. He cannot sleep and has lost his appetite. Using a diagnostic system, one clinician arrives at a diagnosis of depression. Using the exact same diagnostic system, another clinician arrives at a diagnosis of schizophrenia. What is the problem with this system?

It lacks reliability


Which of the following helps practitioners to provide the best approach to treatment?

Evidence-Based Practice in Psychology


Ramona is a member of a tribe residing in the rain forests of South America. She has been exhibiting certain symptoms of psychological disorder like severe depression and memory loss. The tribe's shaman pronounced that the spirit of a demon tiger has possessed Ramona and is the main cause of her distress. The approach used by the shaman in this instance is an example of the ________ approach.



According to the biopsychosocial model, when Bella engages in risky behavior, her vulnerability to developing

abnormal behavioral tendencies are heightened.


Roger is in the stage of therapy where he and his therapist are working on altering his long-standing patterns of dependent behavior. What phase of therapy is Roger in?

Management of Long-Term Goals


The purpose of a diagnostic manual is to provide

consistent diagnoses across people based on the presence or absence of a set of specific symptoms


The idea that clinicians should adapt their knowledge of state-of-the-art research findings to different clients' particular backgrounds, needs, and prior experiences is called

Evidence-Based Practice in Psychology


A group of researchers studying the effects of alcohol on the overall health of urban adults asked respondents whether they drank alcohol during the past month. In this instance, the researchers were collecting ________ data.



James is a person with schizophrenia who has delusions that the CIA is after him. He has been brought to a psychologist by the police after being arrested for assaulting an elderly woman whom he claimed was trying to kill him. Assuming that testing reveals that he truly is psychotic, where will the psychologist recommend that he be sent?

A Psychiatric Hospital


Maria was involved in a serious car accident in which she sustained a head injury. At present, her injury has become worse and as a result she is behaving in bizarre and highly disturbing ways. Maria's change in behavior is most likely due to a ________ cause



Dr. Romero is using a number of tests and techniques in an attempt to identify the factors that are influencing her client's functioning. Dr. Romero is engaging in a process more formally defined as a psychological



What kind of psychological test yields information about cognitive functioning and the presence of learning disabilities?

Intelligence Test


The Stanford-Binet 5 is to ________ as the WAIS-IV is to ________.

Children; Adults


Harvey is asked to recall a series of digits in forward order and backward order. Which of the following scales is being tested in Harvey's case?

Working Memory


Which of the following makes it possible to determine whether or not a person is lying on the MMPI-2?

The Validity Scales

  1. Samantha has persistent delusions that the CIA is trying to kill her. Based on this information, on which subscale of the MMPI-2 would she be likely to score highly?



Which of the following is an advantage of the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI)?

Clinicians can use it with clients who may not have the language or reading skills to complete the MMPI-2.


Why are clients less guarded about their responses on projective tests?

Client's don't know how the assessor will interpret their answers.


Dr. Donahue is observing a hyperactive boy's aggressive behavior on the playground. Dr. Donahue is engaging in

in vivo observation