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The flagships business of the heavy industrial economy of the early twentieth century was

the U.S. Steel Corporation


The primary engine driving the U.S. economy of the early twenty-first century is

scientific research


The greatest controversy regarding fundamental scientific research in the early 2000s concerned

stem cell research using human embryos


One of the greatest concerns regarding the continuing success of American science in the early twentieth century was

that the United States was no longer producing scientists or even attracting top scientists from abroad


The most striking development in the American economic structure in the 1990s and 2000s was

the growing inequality between rich and poor


Which of the following was not among the causes of the income gap in the United States?

The weakening family structure


The most dramatic change in the patterns of women's employment from the 1950s to the 2000s was

that the majority of mothers with young children went to work outside the home


Perhaps the most significant sign of the pressures on the traditional American family in the late twentieth century was

that families were increasingly slow to form at all


The increasingly longer lives of America's senior citizens were often eased by

the ability of the potent elderly lobby to obtain government benefits for seniors


The deepest problems caused by federal programs like Social Security and Medicare in the twenty-first century was likely to be

that the higher taxes necessary to support benefits would create a generational war with younger workers


The new immigrants of the late twentieth and early twenty first centuries came to the United States primarily because

they wanted jobs and economic opportunities unavailable in their homelands


The largest group of the new immigrants came from

Mexico and other Latin American countries


The period between 1920 and the mid-1990s will likely be seen as a unique but passing age in American demographic history because

a majority of people loved in central cities rather than in rural areas or suburbs


The primary goals of modern multiculturalists was

to preserve and promote rather than crush distinct ethnic and radical cultures in the United States


The most striking development in American literature in the past two decades has been

the rise of writers from once marginal regions and ethnic groups