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1.What menu would you use to display Conductor rulers, such as Meter and Tempo? How can you display rulers without using a main menu? Pg. 66

View > Rulers and choose the rules you want to view


2.What are the default tempo and meter for all Pro Tools sessions? Pg 66

120 Bpm and 4/4


3.What modifier key would you hold while clicking on a ruler to add a Meter or Tempo change to your session? Pg 66

Control (mac) or Start (windows)


4.What main menu provides access to the Tempo Operations window? What is the purpose of the Linear page in the Tempo Operations window? Pg 69

Event > Tempo operation > linear


5.How can you configure Pro Tools to use a virtual instrument as the sound source for the metronome click? How can you control what notes are played for the accented and unaccented beats? Pg. 71

Toggle the metronome button


6.Describe at least three different ways to make a selection for recording. Pg 72

Using clips to create timeline selections, Making a selections during playback, Using memory location for selection


7.Describe three ways to set the pre- and post-roll values. What modifier do you use to set pre- and post-roll by clicking in a track playlist? Pg 77

In the transport window, in a playlist and in the timebase ruler


8.What keyboard shortcut can you use to toggle Pre/Post Roll on and off? Pg 79

Command + K (mac) or Ctrl + K (window )


9.What are alternate playlists in Pro Tools? How can playlists be useful when recording multiple takes? Pg. 79

To retain each recorded take on a separate instance of the track, which can help with choosing the best take later on.


10.When might you use the Pro Tools Preferences setting called Send Fully Overlapped Clips to Available Playlist While Recording? How can you ensure that the original audio gets moved to a playlist when rerecording just a section of the original using this setting? Pg 79

For when you need to do multiple takes, Enable Send Fully Overlapped Clips to available playlist while recording


11.What are some differences in the way audio and MIDI clips are created when loop recording? How would you go about enabling loop recording for audio or MIDI? Pg 82

Audio: Comprise all takes

MIDI: Creates new clips each time


12.What Preferences setting do you need to use to enable automatic playlist creation when Loop Recording? Pg 82



13.How can you cycle through alternate takes from playlists? How can you audition takes from playlists while cycling through them? Pg 84

Command + Shift + Up and down arrow


14.What is the purpose of MIDI Merge mode? How can you perform a MIDI Merge recording while looping? Pg 85

The purpose of MIDI Merge mode is to add MIDI data to an existing MIDI clip and you perform it by going to the options menu and deselecting Loop record mode