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The nurse is caring for a child with retinoblastoma that was treated with enucleation what interventions should the nurse plan for care of an eye socket after enucleation?SATA

change the eye pad

apply prescribed antibiotic ointment


A 2 yo is suspected of having retinoblastoma the nurse recognizes which sign as being most characteristic of this disease?

Absent of red reflex


which of the following cancers listed below have a genetic link as a causative factor?



A child has been diagnosed with a wilms tumor what should preoperative nursing care include?

Careful bating and handling


The nurse is admitting a 4 yr old diagnosed with wilms tumor the child is scheduled for a right nephrectomy in the morning?

Instructions not to palpate the abdomen


Where are wilms tumors(nephroblastoma) located?



A 3 yo with a wilms tumor is returning to the unit after surgery to remove the tumor which of the following is the highest post op priority for the nurse?

Monitor vital signs especially BP (b/c tumor of kidneys)


The nurse should teach the family that which residual disabilities can occur for a child being treated for a brain tumor? (SATA)



sensory deficits

crainal nerve palsies


What best describes neuroblastoma?

The diagnosis is usually made after metasis occurs


Accurate staging of which tumor is the mainstay of establishing initial treatment for a 12 month old infant with an abdominal mass that crosses the midline



Essential postoperative nursing management of a child after removal of a brain tumor includes which nursing care

Measuring all fluid intake and output


What is included in the post operative care of a preschool child who has had a brain tumor removed

Carefully monitor fluids because of cerebral edema


A school age child with leukemia experienced severe nausea and vomiting when recieving chemotherapy for the first time what is the most appropriate nursing action to prevent or minimize these reactions with subsequent treatments?

give antiemetic before chemotherapy begins


After chemotherapy is begun for a child with acute leukemia prophylaxis to prevent acute tumor lysis syndrome includes which therapeutic intervention?



The nurse administering an intravenous chemotherapeutic agent to a child with leukemia the child suddenly begins to wheeze and have severe urticaria what nursing action is most appropriate to intake?

Stop the drug infusion immediately


The nurse is caring for a child recieving chemotherapy to prevent infections and other complications when the child's granulocyte count is 600/mm3 & platelet count is 45,000/mm3 what oral care should the nurse recommend?

Daily toothbrushing & flossing


What immunization should not be given to a child recieving chemotherapy for cancer?

MMR Measels mumps rubella


One pediatric oncologic emergency is acute tumor lysis syndrome symptoms that may be occurring include what?

Muscle cramps & tetany


The nurse is caring for a 6 year old child with acute lymphoblastic leukemia(ALL) the parents states my child has a low platelet count & we are being discharged this afternoon what do I need to do at home what statement is appropriate for the nurse to make?

You should avoid contact sports or activities that cause bleeding


A child with leukemia is admitted for chemotherapy & the nursing diagnosis altered nutrition less than body requirements related to anorexia nausea vomiting is identified which intervention the nurse included in this child plan of care?

Allow the child to eat any food desired and tolerated


A child with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) who is recieving chemotherapy via a subclavian IV site has an oral temp of 103 degrees. In assessing the IV site the nurse determines that there was no sign of infection at the site which intervention is the most important for the nurse to implement?

Obtain specimen for blood cultures


What are the most common signs & symptoms of leukemia related to bone marrow involvement ?

Petechaie, fever and fatigue


A 7 yo child with acute lymphatic leukemia is on steroids a common side effect of corticosteroid(prednisone) therapy is?

Weight gain


Several 12 month old infants are brought to the clinic for routine immunizations which situation would be most important for the nurse to clarify with the provider before administering the vaccination?

Varicella zoster vaccine recently diagnosed with leukemia


What are included in nursing considerations related to the administration of chemotherapeutic drugs?

Many chemotherapeutic agents are vesicants that can case severe cellular damage if drug infiltrates


What is the most descriptive of the therapeutic management of osteogenic sarcoma?

Treatment usually consists of surgery and chemotherapy


A toddler is admitted to the hospital and reports leg pain and fever assessment reveals the toddler is pale with body bruises the healthcare provider suspects acute lymphoblastic leukemia(ALL) the nurse will inform the parents that confirmation of the disease will be determines by which test?

Bone marrow biopsy


Which of the following describes the pathophysiology of leukemia?

Unrestricted proliferation of immature white blood cells


What pediatric oncologic emergencies are caused by the rapid release of intracellular metabolites during the initial treatment of some cancers?

Acute tumor lysis syndrome