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When two vehicles meet on a steep mountain road where neither can pass, which vehicle has the right-of-way?

The vehicle that comes first
The vehicle traveling uphill
The vehicle traveling downhill
Both vehicles

the vehicle traveling uphill


A(n) __________ sign on a truck means that the truck's load is potentially dangerous.

inverted triangular red
rectangular white

Dimond shaped


The risk of driving impairment begins to rise noticeably at a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of__________ and increases rapidly thereafter.

.08 percent
.07 percent
1.0 percent
.05 percent

.05 precent


When parked facing uphill on the right side of the road with a curb, you should steer

away from the curb.
towards the curb.
towards the side with the least amount of vehicles.

away from the curb


When stopped behind another vehicle on a hill, you should stay back at least

one vehicle length.
two vehicle lengths.
three vehicle lengths.
four vehicle lengths.

one vehicle


If you double your speed on a highway, your braking distance increases by

two times.
three times.
four times.
five times.

four times


Right-of-way must be yielded to emergency vehicles

using a siren.
using a siren or flashing red, blue, or white lights.
at all times.
flashing red, blue, or white lights.

using a siren or flashing red, blue or white lights


When should you yield on a green light?

When preparing to make a right turn
When the green light is an arrow
During rush hour in urban areas
When turning left

when turning left


If your vehicle is equipped with anti-lock brakes, when they engage it is important to

grip the steering wheel tightly.
take your foot off the brake.
keep your foot on the brake.
use the emergency brake.

keep your foot on the brake


When adjusting your seat, you should allow ______________ between the chest and steering wheel.

4 inches
5-8 inches
10 inches
8 inches

10 inches


To stop on ice with a vehicle equipped without ABS brakes you should

apply continuous pressure.
pump the brakes.
use the emergency brake.
swerve your vehicle off the road.

pump the breaks


You are required by law to yield right-of-way to all of the following EXCEPT

ambulances with flashing lights.
vehicles with blue, green, or amber lights.
police cars with sirens.
skateboarders legally crossing the road.

vehicles with blue , green , or amber lights


Prior to entering the roadway from an alley, you must FIRST

come to a complete stop.
look both ways.
beep your horn.
yield to other traffic.

come to a complete stop


You are parked on the downward slope of a street. It is a one-way street and you are parked against the left curb. Which way should your front wheels be turned?

To the right
To the left
To the right or to the left

to the left


When entering a freeway from an acceleration lane, it is important to

increase your speed to match that of the freeway.
come to a full stop and wait for an opening in traffic.
increase speed beyond speed limit.
keep your speed below that of the freeway until you've entered traffic flow.

increase your speed to match that of the freeway


In which of these situations is it appropriate to use your horn?

To encourage other drivers to drive faster
To let a driver know he has made a driving error
To make eye contact with another driver
To let pedestrians know they should get off the road

to make eye contact with another driver


An average 140-pound woman will become legally intoxicated after consuming ___ alcoholic drink(s). An average 180-pound man will become legally intoxicated after consuming ___ alcoholic drinks.

1; 2
2; 3
3; 4
4; 5



If a driver is approaching you head on in your lane, what should you do?

Move into the left lane to avoid hitting the vehicle
Drive on the shoulder of the road
Beep your horn and pull off the road
Maintain your lane position. You have the right of way

beep your horn and pull off the road