PT 110 Lesson 9 Flashcards

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1.What are some of the parameters that you can automate in Pro Tools? 238

Track Controls, Send Controls, All Plug-in Controls


2.What are some differences between MIDI controller automation data and Pro Tools audio automation? What kinds of tracks can Pro Tools audio automation be used on (Audio, MIDI, etc.)? 238v

Audio: Includes a single automation playlist for each automatable control, Can have multiple Alternate playlist

MIDI/Instrument: Has all MIDI-based continuous controller automation data


3.What selector can you use to set the automation mode for a track? Where is this selector located? 239

Automation mode selector (edit window, left ; Mix window, right)


4.What is the difference between the Write, Touch, and Latch automation modes? 240

Write: Writes on all enabled parameters when playback starts, overwriting any previous automation data

Touch: Writes when an enabled parameter is modified

Latch: Automation stars writing when an enabled parameter is modified


5.When might you suspend automation? What is the difference between the Suspend button and the Write Enable buttons? 240

You would suspend automation to stop all automation so you can freely adjust volume, pan and other parameters without affecting the underlying automation

Suspend Button: Globally suspends automation writing and playback

Write enable: enable or suspend automation writing


6.What are the advantages of using Touch or Latch mode over using Write mode? In what scenarios would you use Latch mode? When would it make more sense to use Touch mode? 241

Latch mode: when you want to set a parameter and lets it ride through long sections of a mix (Scenarios: Initial automation pass)

Touch mode: Most effective when you need to touch up small sections of existing automation ( Scenarios: Boosting a vocal for a specific line or word)


7.What are two ways to display an automation playlist in the Edit window? 242

Track view selector, Velocity view


8.What are some common automation graphs that you may work with? How might automation be different for different types of parameters, with respect to available vertical positions? 244

Volume graph, Pan Graph, Mute Graph


9.What are some ways that the Grabber tool can be used to edit an automation playlist? How would you go about Nudging automation breakpoints? 244

Grabber: Clicking anywhere on the graph and clicking an existing point and dragging

Nudge: selecting a range on the track and going to the nudge value pop up menu and picking a nudge increment


10.What are some ways that the Pencil tool can be used to edit an automation playlist? 245

Clicking and holding the pencil tool icon;


11.How is cutting automation data different from deleting automation data? 247

Cut will add breakpoints at the start and end of the selection

Deleting will not


12.What will be the result if you copy automation (Edit > Copy) from a track displaying Volume automation and paste the automation (Edit > Paste) on a track displaying Pan automation? 247

It won't copy over


13.How would you go about duplicating volume automation from a track on Send B for the track? 248

Select the automation and choose edit >copy or press Command + C/ Or Paste clicking


14.How can you delete individual breakpoints in an automation graph? How can you delete a range of automation breakpoints? 249

Individual Breakpoint: Option-click on the breakpoint

A range of breakpoints: Select a range of breakpoint with the selector tool and do either edit > clear or press the delete button


15.How can you clear all automation on a displayed automation graph? What modifier can you use to clear the automation across all automation graphs for a track? 249

Place the edit cursor on the automation and press Command +A or Ctrl +A

Triple click the entire track with the selector tool and press Control + Delete