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1-The amount of pressure necessary in a steam sterilizer set at 250 is:

(A) 15-17 Lb

(B) 20-22 LB

(C) 22-25 lb

(D) 25-27 lb



2. Positive assurance that sterilization conditions have been achieved can only be obtained through

(A) biological control test

(B) heat-sensitive tape

(C) color change monitor

(D) mechanical indicator



3. -A wrapped tray of instruments is sterilized in a gravity displacement sterilizer at 250F for:

(A) 10 minutes

(B) 15 minutes

(C) 30 minutes

(D) 40 minutes



4-The minimum exposure time for unwrapped instruments in a flash sterilizer that is set at 270F (132 degrees * C) is:

(A) 2 minutes

(B) 3 minutes

(C) 5 minutes

(D) 7 minutes



5-When steam is used to sterilize a rubber tubing or catheter

(A) the lumen must be dried thoroughly before the process begins

(B) a rubber band may be placed around it so it does not unwind

(C) it should be fan-folded before wrapping

(D) a residual of distilled water should be left inside the lumen



6-to be sterilized effectively, a linen pack must not weigh more than :

(A) 12

(B) 14

(C) 16 lb

(D) 18 lb



7- Gravity displacement utilizes destroys microorganisms

(A) gas

(B) radiation

(C) gamma rays

(D) steam



8-The process called cavitation occurs in the

(A) moist heat sterilizer

(B) ultrasonic cleaner

(C) high-speed pressure sterilizer

(D) washer-sterilizer



9-All of the following statements regarding instrument sets are true EXCEPT

(A) instruments must be placed in perforated trays

(B) heavy instruments are placed on the bottom

(C) all instruments must be closed

(D) all detachable parts must be disassembled



10-All of the following statements regarding steam sterilization are true EXCEPT:

(A) flat packages are placed on the shelf on edge.

(B) small packages placed one on top of the other, are crisscrossed

(C) basins are placed on their sides

(D) solutions may be autoclaved along with other items as long as they are on a shelf alone



11-Wrapped basin sets may be sterilized by steam under pressure at 250 degrees * F for a minimum of:

(A) 5 minutes

(B) 10 minutes

(C) 15 minutes

(D) 20 minutes



12-Which of the following statements regarding the sterilization of basin sets is TRUE?

(A) Basins must be separated by a porous material if they are nested

(B) Sponges and linen may be packaged inside the basin to be sterilized

(C) Basins are placed flat in the autoclave

(D) Basins must always be placed on the top shelf of the autoclave in a combined load



13--Why would gas sterilization be chosen over steam sterilization?

(A) It is less expensive

(B) It is less damaging to items

(C) It is faster

(D) It is more effective



14-The chemical agent used in gas sterilization is

(A) ethylene glycol

(B) ethacrynate sodium

(C) ethyl chloride

(D) ethylene oxide



15-What chemical system uses peracetic acid as the sterilant ?

(A) Ozone gas sterilization


(C) Sterrad

(D) Vapor phase sterilizer



16-The lumen of a tubing undergoing ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization is:

(A) well lubricated

(B) dried thoroughly

(C) prepared with a residual of distilled water

(D) prepared with a NaCl flush



17--The commercial name for glutaraldehyde is :

(A) peracetic acid

(B) phenol

(C) Quats

(D) Cidex



18- A 30 - minute single-use sterilization system useful for endoscopes is :



(C) steam under pressure

(D) cold sterilization



19-Which of the following is essential when using a shelf of the autoclave in a combined load activated glutaraldehyde for sterilization ?

(A) Items must be rinsed thoroughly in ster ile water before use

(B) The solution must be heated in order to be effective

(C) The items must be thoroughly moistened before placement in solution

(D) The item must be air dried before use



20-What is the shelf life of Cidex

(A) 14 days

(B) 7days

(C) 1 month

(D) Indefinite



21-In which procedure would the use of a high-level disinfectant be acceptable instrument preparation

(A) Suction lipectomy

(B) Tracheotomy

(C) Cystoscopy

(D) Mediastinoscopy



22-In a high-speed flash sterilizer, unwrapped instruments are exposed for a minimum of

(A) minute

(B) 3 minutes

(C) minutes

(D) 10 minutes



23-To kill spores, an item must be immersed in a 2\% aqueous solution of glutaraldehyde for: (

(A) 20 minutes

(B) 2 hours

(C) 10 hours

(D) 24 hour



24-When placing tubing in an activated glutaral aldehyde solution, one should:

(A) use a shallow container

(B) be certain that the interior of the tubing is completely filled

(C) moisten it thoroughly before submersion

(D) Both B and C



25-What is the role of moisture in EO sterilization?

(A) The items will dry out during the process if no humidity is added

(B) The sterilizer will deteriorate from gas over a period of time if no moisture is added

(C) Dried spores are resistant to the gas, so they must be hydrated

(D) Moisture is not an essential element in gas sterilization



26-Slow exhaust " in a gravity displacement steam sterilizer is used for

(A) plastics

(B) solutions

(C) rubber

(D) drape packs



27-What is the function of an aerator in EO sterilization?

(A) It is used to aerate items before sterilization

(B) It is a separate unit used to decrease the aeration time

(C) It is the last cycle in the EO sterilizer which helps exhaust the gas and add air

(D) It adds air to the cycle, which is essential for obtaining item sterility



28-Ethylene oxide destroys cells by:

( A) interfering with the normal metabolism of the protein and reproductive processes

(B) coagulating cell protein

(C) converting ions to thermal and chemical energy causing cell death

(D) shrinking the cell



29-Activated glutaraldehyde is used to disinfect endoscopes for:

(A) 5 minutes

(B) 10 minutes

(C) 20 minutes

(D) 60 minutes



30-When using a high - level disinfectant, always:

(A) submerge items while wet

(B) rinse items with sterile distilled water before using

(C) soak items in saline before using

(D) add hot diluent to activated agent



31-The chemical sterilant used in the STERIS method of sterilizing is

(A) formaldehyde

(B) Cidex

(C) ethylene oxide

(D) peracetic acid



32-How should basins be positioned in the autoclave for sterilization?

(A) Stacked on top of each other

(B) On their sides

(C) Upside down

(D) Does not matter



33- Gravity displacement, steam sterilizers operate on the principle that :

(A) air is heavier than steam

(B) air and steam have equal weight

(C) steam is heavier than air

(D) water is heavier than air



34-The process of terminal decontamination fol lows every surgical case. Decontamination of the walls consists of

(A) cleaning all walls up to 3 ft

(B) cleaning all walls up to 1 ft

(C) spot clean where soiled

(D) always clean with alcohol



35-Which of the following kills bacterial spore

(A) Sterilant

(B) Germicide

(C) Antiseptic

(D) Fungicide



36- Instrumentation and equipment are processed according to their level of risk. This system is known as:

(A) evidence-based practice

(B) the Spaulding method

(C) Reprocessing

(D) Central monitoring



37--According to the Spaulding, what risk to the STERILE body tissue including the vascular system

(A) Critical

(B) Semi critical

(C) Noncritical

(D) Intermediately critical



38-What method of sterilization is used on that cannot tolerate heat, moisture, and the presence of sterilization ?

(A) Gravity displacement


(C) Hydrogen peroxide

(D) Cidex



39- Gluteraldehyde is a high level disinfectant that is , a sporicidal , a bacteriocidal , and a virocidal at 2 % concentration for----------- it is also a tuberculocidal

(A) 10 minutes

(B) 15 minutes

(C) 20 minutes

(D) 40 minutes.



40-Chemical monitors are placed inside and side of all packs to This shows :

(A) the item is sterile

(B) proper packaging is achieved

(C) the parameters such as heat and pressure have been reached

(D) the proper time has been



41-To achieve 270 F, the required pressure is .

(A) 15 psi

(B) 20 psi

(C) 27 psi

(D) 40 psi



42-Why is ethylene oxide diluted with an inert gas?

(A) It increases its effective sterilization

(B) It adds convenience and speed

(C) It adds humidity

(D) It helps with aeration



43- Bioburden refers to:

(A) the degree of microbial contamination

(B) a hospital-acquired infection

(C) a chemical agent

(D) high- level disinfectant



44- Sterility was previously measured by time but is now considered invalid. The principle now used is :

(A) carefully checking sterile indicators

(B) event-related sterility

(C) terminal sterilization

(D) Both B and C



45. The following statements regarding wrapping materials are true EXCEPT :

(A) Disposable nonwoven wrappers are intended for one use only

(B) You can use two 140 thread counts per square inch

(C) You can use one 280 thread count per square inch

(D) Peel pouches can be used on all instruments including large heavy instruments and micro instruments



46-Gastrointestinal endoscopes are characterized under the Spaulding sterilization sys tem

(A) critical

(B) noncritical

(C) semicritical

(D) scopes are not considered in the Spauld ing system



47-All are environmental disinfectants used for low-level disinfection and terminal decontamination EXCEPT

(A) glutaraldehyde

(B) hypochlorite

(C) quaternary ammonium compound

(D) alcohol



48- Personal protective equipment (PPE ) includes all of the following EXCEPT

(A) protective eyewear

(B) facemask

(C) surgical and or patient care gloves

(D) full protective body suit or gown



49-Most packaged sterilized equipment from a manufacturer such as sutures, sponges , and disposable drapes are sterilized by means of


(B) Cobalt 60 (ionizing radiation)

(C) gravity displacement sterilizer

(D) quaternary ammonium compounds



50-Which is not a method of sterilization but is a heating process that destroys microorganisms at a temperature and exposure time but does not alter their chemical makeup :

(A) decontamination

(B) pasteurization

(C) hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization

(D) ETO gas sterilization



51-What is the immunity referred to when you are exposed to the disease and as a result, you become immune:

(A) naturally acquired active immunity

(B) artificially acquired active immunity

(C) artificially acquired passive immunity

(D) naturally acquired passive immunity



52-An obligatory parasite is:

(A) a type of prion

(B) a type of microorganism that depends on living tissue to survive

(C) a type of microorganism that depends on dead tissue to survive facultative parasite

(D) All of the above



53-The only antibiotic that works on MRSA is:

(A) gentamycin

(B) amoxicillin

(C) tobramycin

D) vancomycin



54-All are true regarding a prion EXCEPT

(A) Creutzfeldt Jakob disease

(B) they contain DNA /RNA

(C) It is neither viral, bacterial, nor fungal

(D) When performing surgery on a patient that is infected with a prion , we should use disposable instruments



55-__________________is, when different organisms exist and benefit from the other. ________________________ is when one organism benefits from the other and neither is harmed. ____________________________ is when one organism benefits from the other and harms the host: 1. Parasitism 2. Mutualism 3. Commensalism

(A) 1,2,3

(B) 3, 2, 1

(C) 2, 3, 1

(D) 1, 3, 2



56-Bioterrorist agents include all EXCEPT

(A) anthrax

(B) botulism

(C) small pox

(D) bubonic plague



57-New infectious diseases emerging in the United States include :


(B) West Nile virus

(C) avian influenza

(D) All of the above



58-The chemical name for common household bleach is:

(A) sodium hypochlorite

(B) quaternary ammonium compounds

(C) petroleum products

(D) hydrogen peroxide



59-Personal protective equipment includes all EXCEPT :

(A) goggles

(B) surgical and/or patient care gloves

(C) facemask

(D) protective body clothing



60-Instruments and equipment are processed according to their level of risk. This system is known as :

(A ) ETO sterilization

(B) event related sterility

(C) the Spaulding method

(D) instrument cleaning and disinfection



61-What is the test that is used to check for air trapped in the pre-vacuum sterilizer?

(A ) Biological indicator

(B) Bowie-Dick test

(C) Chemical indicator

(D) Pre vacuum test



62-The bacterial spore used in the biological indicator for steam sterilization is Geobacillus stearothermophilus when killed within 60 minutes, the enzyme in the biological indicator will turn what color

(A) fluorescent yellow

(B) red

(C) blue

(D) no specific color



63- All are true of dry heat sterilization EXCEPT

(A) the indicator used for dry heat ovens are B. atrophaeus

(B) it is used only in an emergency in the operating room

(C) sterilization occurs in mechanical con vection ovens

(D) sterilization occurs in gravity convection



64- Hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization uti lizes :

(A) a cloud or glow of pink plasma sterilization utilizes :

(B) a chamber much like microwaves

(C) using a hydrogen peroxide solution

(D) All of the above



65-In a gravity displacement sterilizer, steam enters the chamber through :

(A) bottom

(B) bottom, back

(C) top, back

(D) top front



66-ETO is mixed with carbon dioxide to:

(A) increase antimicrobial effect

(B) reduce flammability of ETO

(C) reduce temperature requirement

(D) increase microbial killing ratE



67- How long should the ETO biological indicator be incubated before the reading is recorded ?

(A) 24 hours

(B) 48 hours

(C) 12 hour

(D) 3 hours



68- For ETO sterilization , how long must instru ments remain in the aerator being operated at 140 degrees * F

( A) 8 hours

(B) 6 hours

(C) 4 hours

(D) 2 hours



69-What spore is used to test steam under pressure ( steam sterilizer )?

(A) Clostridium perfringens

(B) Bacillus stearothermophilus

(C) Treponema pallidum

(D) Staphylococcus aureus