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psychology, lifespan development
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In Hamlin, Mahanjan, Liberman, and Wynn’s study on infant behavior, they discovered that infants who share a food preference with a puppet will

like it when good things happen to that puppet.


Rhonda, mother of three, insists that development takes place gradually and at its own pace, whereas Carolyn, mother of four, insists that development happens in distinct stages. Rhonda argues for ________ development but Carolyn sees development as ________.

continuous; discontinuous


While many of Freud’s ideas about personality development have been discredited, one key takeaway from his theory is that

childhood experiences can shape personality.


Looking back on his life, Leon, age 84, isn’t sure if he made much of an impact on the world. He’s able to find peace and contentment in spending time with his family and is trying hard to live so that he has no regrets. This fits with which conflict in Erikson’s stages of development?

Integrity vs. despair


Redonda watches as an experimenter puts two identical balls of clay in front of her. She confirms that they look exactly the same. Then the experimenter squashes one of the balls so it is flat as a pancake. Now it is obvious to Redonda that the squashed clay has more clay in it because it covers so much more of the table. Redonda’s understanding is an example of ________.

Lack of reversibility


Psychologist Carol Gilligan criticized Kohlberg's theory of moral development in that ________.

men tend to make moral decisions based on individual rights and justice, whereas women tend to make moral decisions based on caring for and helping others


Alexis, age 4, is shown a matchbox filled with buttons. Alexis’s friend, Kinesha, joins the room, and Alexis smiles because she knows that Kinesha will be surprised to discover the buttons inside the matchbox instead of matches. Alexis’s understanding of Kinesha’s perspective demonstrates

theory of mind.


Laqaulla is only 4, but she already paints beautiful pieces of art and has excellent penmanship. She has excellent ________.

fine motor skills


Exposure to alcohol when the mother drinks during her pregnancy can produce a very serious condition that includes mental retardation and other developmental problems. What is this condition called?

Fetal alcohol syndrome


The ________ reflex explains why newborns hold on tight when you put a finger in their hands.



It is hard to tell how Guy’s father will respond to Guy. Sometimes he is responsive to Guy’s needs, but he is just as likely to ignore Guy. At 18 months old, Guy clings to his father, but he is just as likely to reject his father if his father tries to play with him. Guy becomes angry when his father leaves, and Guy is difficult to comfort even after his father returns. What kind of attachment is this?



________ intelligence is represented by an elderly person's wisdom, or accumulated knowledge.



The fact that some areas of the brain are still developing during adolescence causes adolescents to be more ________ than adults.



Martin, age 66, is an avid reader and can easily quote some of his favorite books and describe impressive details from his life. He might, however, not perform as well as his younger self on

Martin, age 66, is an avid reader and can easily quote some of his favorite books and describe impressive details from his life. He might, however, not perform as well as his younger self on


Peter's wife Jenny was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. Peter is shocked by the diagnosis and insists that Jenny seek a third, and even fourth, opinion from other doctors. Which of the following Kübler-Ross stages of grief best describes Peter at this time?