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An adolescent girl is going to be treated for a severe case of acne vulgaris. A pregnancy test should be done prior to the adolescent starting treatment with:

isotretinoin (accutane)


The nurse is obtaining a health history from parents whose 4-month-old boy has congenital hypothyroidism. What would the nurse most likely assess?

It is difficult to keep the child awake


Kate and her parents are being seen in the office after discharge from the hospital with a new diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. Which statement by the nurse is appropriate?

“Children with type 2 diabetes can usually be managed with an oral agent, meal planning, and exercise.”


The nurse is caring for a child who is scheduled for bone scan. It is suspected that the child has a growth hormone deficiency. Which finding would support this medical diagnosis?

The bone scan would show bone age would be two or more deviations below normal


The nurse is caring for a 20-month-old girl with equivocal bacterial otitis media, a severe earache, and a temperature of 39°C (102.2°F). Which intervention would the nurse expect to implement?

Administer amoxicillin as ordered


A home care nurse provides health education to parents regarding the care of their toddler. Which precaution should the nurse suggest the parents take to protect the toddler from drowning

Avoid unattended baths


A nurse is preparing for a health promotion presentation for new mothers primarily to prevent SIDS. Which topics would be appropriate for the nurse to include in the presentation?

1. Sleep position

2. Encourage co-sleeping

3. How to swaddle with a blanket

4. Smoke-free environments

5. Do not overheat the environment

Sleep position

Smoke-free environments

Do not overheat the environment


A group of grade-school children is going camping. As a school nurse, you would offer them which advice to prevent Lyme disease?

Wear jeans tucked inside your socks when in the woods.”


A 6-month-old boy develops roseola. When obtaining information from his father, what would you expect him to report?

The infant's temperature fell when the rash appeared.


The nurse is caring for a child brought to a pediatric clinic for swelling in the left lower extremity and fever 101. The skin is tender, warm to the touch, reddened with undefined borders and pits slightly when pressed. Based on the assessment findings, which of the following would the nurse suspect?



The parent of a child with Down syndrome phones the Nurse Line to report three weeks of lack of energy, limping, intermittent fevers and weight loss in the young child. What is the most appropriate advice?

"Please bring the child in to the office to be examined."


A high-school football player has been diagnosed as having osteosarcoma of the femur. His mother is angry because she told him not to play football. Which health teaching points would you include in the teaching plan for the boy and his mother?

Playing football or other sports does not contribute to development of bone tumors.


The nurse is assessing a 10-year-old girl with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. What information would lead the nurse to suspect that the cancer has infiltrated the central nervous system?

Observing facial palsy and visual changes


A child receiving chemotherapy and neupogen (GCSF) wants to have a large birthday party and invite all the classmates. When the parent asks the nurse about this, what is the nurse’s best response?

"It is better to avoid large groups right now."


A 4-year-old child diagnosed with Wilms tumor is admitted for surgery. What information would be most important for the nurse to include in the child's preoperative plan of care?

Avoiding abdominal palpation


A 6-month-old girl is seen with retinoblastoma. When taking a health history from her father, which symptom would you expect him to report he has noticed?

He has noticed one pupil appears white.


The nurse is assessing a 3-year-old boy whose mother reports that he is listless and has been having trouble swallowing. Which findings below most suggest the child may have a brain tumor?

Observation reveals nystagmus and head tilt


The nurse is providing preoperative care for a 7-year-old boy with a brain tumor and his parents. Which intervention is priority?

Assessing the child’s level of consciousness


How can the nurse most simply describe for distressed parents a rhabdomyosarcoma that has been found in their 5-year-old?

Call it a tumor of muscle tissue


A nurse is preparing a 7-year-old girl for bone marrow aspiration. Which site should she prepare?

lilac crest