The Odyssey and Epic Poetry: An Introduction, Part 1 Flashcards

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Based on this passage of The Odyssey, one can conclude that the ancient Greeks greatly valued

1. democracy

2. bravery

3. knowledge

4. relaxation

2. bravery


Read the excerpt from The Odyssey.

I shall not see on earth a place more dear,
though I have been detained long by Calypso,
loveliest among goddesses, who held me
in her smooth caves, to be her heart's delight,
as Circe of Aeaea, the enchantress,
desired me, and detained me in her hall.
But in my heart I never gave consent.
Where shall a man find sweetness to surpass
his own home and his parents? In far lands
he shall not, though he find a house of gold.

What characteristics of Odysseus, the story’s epic hero, are most shown in this excerpt?

1.knowledge and strength

2.confidence and courage

3.leadership and perseverance

4.character and loyalty

4. character and loyalty