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_____ ensures that the person requesting access to a computer is not an imposter.



After Penny broke up with her boyfriend, he texted some teammates from the track team about some private and intimate moments he and Penny had shared while they were dating. He even lied about their breakup, creating rumors about her behavior. Penny started getting inappropriate looks and advances from the team whenever she was at practice and felt completely humiliated. Penny is a victim of ________.



Cassidy is a medical assistant in a hospital and has access to many medical files. When she brings patients to the examining room, she can be observed swiping a card, typing in a password, and staring into what appears to be a camera, all attached to the computer. After completing her check-in, Cassidy leaves the patient in the examining room waiting on the doctor. It is important that she logs out of the system so the patient does not have access to the information stored in the hospital's database. Based on Cassidy's actions what systems do you think the hospital has in place to protect the patient medical records?

biometric security (?)


Creating a(n) _____ means copying files from a computer's hard drive and storing them in a remote location.

data backup


Emma downloaded a new game from an unfamiliar website. A few days later, Emma realized her system had been hacked and her credit card numbers were stolen. Without Emma knowing, what type of malware might she have downloaded to her computer?

A Trojan


How can an attacker execute malware through a script?

An attacker can attach a script to a program that you download which then infects your computer


How can you protect a computer from electrical spikes and surges?

Use a surge protector.


How can you protect personal information gathered by legitimate organizations?

Create a separate email account for receiving information from websites.


How does discarding computers in a landfill affect the environment?

Lead and mercury in computer parts are seeping into the ground and water supply.


How does encryption work?

It scrambles the information until the key is used to unscramble it.


How is a worm different from a Trojan?

A worm spreads through a network, whereas a Trojan hides inside another program.


How will you decide which browser security settings to allow and which ones to block?

I will need to review each browser security setting and use my best judgement.


In terms of privacy, which of the following is a best practice?

Keeping your Social Security number hidden in a locked box in your home


In which of the following situations is a digital certificate useful?

you are signing a rental lease.


Isabel received a message on her computer that appeared to be from the FBI. It informed her that her computer has been locked and she would need to pay a fee to retrieve her data. How would you describe what is happening?

It is most likely ransomware because it is telling her she has to verify payment information to unlock her computer.


Marcus recently had his cell phone stolen. All of the following are security features that should help him locate his stolen phone EXCEPT which one?

He can use remote wiping to retrace the thief's steps.


Siobhan has recently opened a Facebook account and as a new user, is posting frequently and accepting many friend requests. You see a post about an upcoming trip and notice that her profile is open to the public. What can you tell Siobhan to help her use social networking safely?

Be cautious about what information she posts.


Technology can lead to all of the following behavioral risks EXCEPT _____.

higher satisfaction with life


The news reports a security breach of credit card information at a large department store that has recently laid off many employees. Why should the store investigate the possibility of the breach being from an insider?

Because insiders sometimes create threats after incidents at their places of employment


There are various risks from attacks on Wi-Fi networks. These include all of the following EXCEPT _____.

creating malware


What is a digital certificate?

Technology used to verify a user's identity


What is it called when an attacker convinces you to enter personal information at an imposter website after receiving an email from a person masquerading as an employee from your bank?



What type of security requires something you know and something you have that no one else has?

two factor authentication


What would a password manager allow you to do?

Create and store multiple strong passwords.


Which is a first step to deter thieves from accessing your financial information?

Do not provide personal information over the phone or through email.


Which of the following forms of identity theft involves posing as a legitimate researcher to ask for personal information?



Which of the following is a characteristic of a strong password?

letters, numbers, and symbols


Which of the following is the strongest password?



Which of the following statements about browser security settings is false?

You must keep your accumulated web history as long as you use the browser.


Which of the following types of websites typically provides the least security?

social media sites


Which term refers to the science that specifies the design and arrangement of items you use so you interact with the items efficiently and safely?



Why is it not safe to connect to public Wi-Fi networks?

Because these networks are rarely protected


With more and more people using technology, what physical health diagnosis is on the rise?

repetitive strain injury


You can monitor and protect your financial data in all of the following ways EXCEPT _____.

Requesting a credit report and freezing your credit.


A Trojan is a malicious program that uses a computer network to replicate.



Social-networking sites have a history of providing tight security and giving users a clear understanding of how security features work.



To prevent a laptop from being stolen, you can use a surge protector.



To protect your information and help you to remember passwords, use your social media account login information to log into another site.



Your Facebook profile is private so there is no need to worry about your boss ever seeing your posts such as your Spring Break pictures.