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If you consider the University of Virginia's National Marriage Project, what can be concluded from their study?

Finances are an important foundation for a successful marriage.


Marcy and her three children have been trying to scrape by ever since Marcy's husband was killed in an automobile accident. Given what you know about George Murdock's theory, what would you expect to happen to this family?

Marcy would go back to work and rely on her parents for childcare


What is one of the biggest challenges facing groups and organizations that try to prevent intimate partner violence (IPV)?

The victims of IPV do not report the abuse.


Passing on one's heritage, possessions, and wealth is:

Generally based on lineage, which is defined by one's culture and family.


When Maria married John, she moved to John's house which was adjacent to his parent's house. Her mother-in-law was always over giving Maria advice on everything from decorating to icing cakes. Maria lives in a:

Patrilocal residence


Which is one reason that sociologist cite to explain why men and women are delaying marriage until their mid-to-late twenties?

Many young people place education and career higher than marriage on their list of priorities.


Which factors do sociologists suspect were the cause for such a high divorce rate during the 1960's?

There was an increase in women working outside of the home, and also, greater social acceptance of divorce.


Family is a term that is difficult to define. When studying sociology it is important to remember that:

Sociologists try to keep the definition open to encompass all types of people who are emotionally close to each other.


The U.S. Census Bureau keeps records of different statistics that pertain to families. For example, in 2010, there were three million children who did not live with their parents. 54% of these children were:

Living with their grandparent(s)


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, three fourths of children of divorced parents live with their mother. What impact might this have on the U.S. male population over time?

Men may be more aggressive which may lead to an increase in crime, domestic violence, etc.


What is one way the people of the United States, and the world, are reaching and abusing the Earth's carrying capacity?

We show little concern about contaminating water with our garbage and waste.


Why has e-waste become an issue, especially in the 21st century?

E-waste not only contains harmful chemicals, but electronics become obsolete every six months or so, which means, every six months people are throwing away perfectly good electronics in order to get the newest one. This has led to an enormous increase in the amount of trash people produce.


Paris has been studying the demography of the United Kingdom. The U.K. is very similar to the United States or Sweden in that it is industrialized, has relatively long life expectancy, and infant mortality is low. Which stage in the Demographic Transition Theory would the U.K. fall into?

Stage 4


Bill wants to increase his herd of cattle on his farm. Right now, he his herd numbers around 100, and he has 100 acres of his farm set aside for their pasture. What would a sociologist suggest so that his farm, which feeds many in his town and county, can continue to function?

Bill should examine the carrying capacity of his lands and consider setting aside more land if he wants to increase his herd.


Which is an aspect of city life that might catch a human ecologist's attention?

The decision to make sidewalks narrower so that a city road can provide on-street parking.


If we consider the concentric zone model, which is a conflict theorist's critique?

The model fails to show the gentrification of neighborhoods as certain classes start to take over cities.


Why do we have two words for a big city: metropolis and megalopolis?

A metropolis is just one city while a megalopolis includes many different cities.


Pollution, like many other issues in the world, has become a global issue. What was the name of the agreement that several countries signed as a way to pledge the lessening of carbon emissions?

the Kyoto Protocol


What have sociologists begun to realize about the nomadic lifestyle?

Nomads have a hard time bridging the gap between their traditional lifestyle and doing what is best for the land.


What type of nations are the greatest sources of greenhouse gases?



What is the relationship, if any, between people who cohabitate and then get married, and those people who wait to live together after they marry?

Cohabitating, unmarried partners have a slightly higher divorce rate after they get married than those who don't cohabitate until after marriage.


Peter finds that he always reacts differently to correction from his father than from his mother. What might a symbolic interactionist studying families make of this situation?

Peter plays different roles with his father and mother.


In which part of the family life cycle, do sociologists point to as the most stressful time for a marriage?

The birth of the first child.


If you work with children, why is it important to be ever vigilant for any signs of child abuse?

Most reports of child abuse come from non-relative adults who interact with the child.


Polygyny is:

A man who is married to more than one woman at the same time


What is the relationship between intimate partner violence (IPV) and marriage?

Men and women who are married experience less abuse, than those who are separated or cohabitating.


Watching television shows can be a good way to understand and study families because:

They teach us how a family on screen can represent the values of the era in which they aired.


Three things are important for the formation and sustentation of a city. Which of the below options is NOT one of them?

Well constructed buildings


"Climate change" is a less politicized phrase that has replaced:

global warming


Anil has noticed that infertility has been affecting many of his intergenerational friends and family. Based on this observation, Anil is writing his senior thesis on the effects that certain cities, water quality, and hormones might have on his friends. Anil will most likely approach his findings and paper using which theory?

Zero population growth theory


Some people may think that once you've studied one city, you've studied them all. Which is an example of why these people may be misinformed?

The banlieues, or suburbs, of Paris are the bad parts of town, almost inside-out compared to Baltimore


Melissa has been working to develop drought-resistance seeds that require little water to grow and which produce grain. She wants to send these to arid parts of the world, where conventional grain is not easy (or even impossible) to grow to improve nutrition for the people in those countries. In sociological terms, Melissa most likely ascribes to:

Cornucopian theory


Josh sits in his kitchen in the city projects trying to sip his coffee while inhaling the nauseating fumes wafting from the town dump that was relocated to within a mile of his home. He desperately wishes he could move, but he works two jobs just to make ends meet for his family. Josh lives in the poorer part of town; the part that is greatly overlooked by local government officials. What might a sociologist call this phenomenon?

environmental racism


In 2013, the number of refugees, asylum-seekers, and internally displaced people worldwide exceeded ______ people for the first time since the end of World War II.

50 million


A sociologist is studying how the population of certain countries influences and affects the population and environment of other neighboring countries. This sociologist is most likely a:

Structural functionalist


Which of the following is one of the many concerns with the practice of fracking?

Fracking requires a huge amount of water.