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Émile Durkheim's much lauded study of suicide is important to the field of sociology in many ways. One of the most influential impacts was:

It defined the differences between sociology and psychology


Erik Erikson's theory explains:

How the actions of society help shape personalities throughout the eight basic stages of life.


George Herbert Mead's specific path of development for individuals is as follows:

Preparatory stage, play stage, game stage, generalized other stage


Baby Marla is always well dressed. She has ribbons, bows, and frills all over her dresses and even in her hair. Her mother, who is worried that people might mistake Marla for a little boy, is determined to communicate to the world that she has a baby girl. Which sociological paradigm does this story fit?

Symbolic Interactionism


Katrina, age 5, and Sharon, age 4, love to play together while their mothers chat. Katrina has a toy iron and washing machine. She and Sharon spend hours "washing" and "ironing" her baby doll's clothes, just like they see their mothers do. Which of George Herbert Mead's stages of development are Katrina and Sharon exemplifying?

The preparatory stage


In an effort to control a total institution, and to create a community of sameness, inmates are forced to strip down, be searched by police officers, and given identical uniforms before entering prison. This is an example of _______.

A degradation ceremony


Whose study described the differences in the way that boys and girls view morality?

Carol Gilligan


Ahmed has been trying to change his schedule so that he can take one more AP class his senior year in high school. He keeps running between the guidance office and the administration office to sort out the problem. Ahmed's interaction with the school's bureaucracy is an example of:

The hidden curriculum of schools


Peer groups are important to adolescents because:

They help to develop a sense of identity separate from adolescents' parents.


Sherry is in her mid-eighties and is moving to a nursing home. She is used to getting up at 5 o'clock each morning and making breakfast for herself. Her new roommate likes to sleep until 7 o'clock and breakfast is not served at the nursing home until 8 o'clock. What is Sherry most likely to experience through this transition?



An instrumental leader:

Is goal-oriented and largely concerned with accomplishing set tasks.


When Kevin backpacks across Europe after his high school graduation, he is surprised to find Burger Kings, H&Ms, and even Wal-Mart stores in the foreign cities. This is an example of:

The McDonaldization of Society


Which of the following does NOT constitute cyberbullying?

Sending threatening letters to someone's home


Christine is president of her Improvisation Comedy Troupe. When making decisions about booking gigs, rehearsal spaces, and call-times, Christine leaves the troupe to decide for themselves. Christine is a(n) _____ leader.



The McDonalidization of Society refers to:

The increasing presence of the fast-food business model in common social institutions.


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a bureaucracy:

Personality-based promotion


Justin enrolls in a local community college so he can one day become an engineer. Justin is about to become a member of a:

Utilitarian organization


The term meritocracy is defined by the text as:

A bureaucracy where membership and advancement is based on proven and documented skills.


What is the difference between a primary group and a secondary group?

A primary group is small, consisting of emotional face-to-face relationships; a secondary group is larger and impersonal.


Grace works in at an advertising agency. Grace's coworkers help her complete presentations, contact clients, and assist her with research. Her coworkers are serving a(n):

Instrumental function