The Professional Medical Assistant: An Integrative, Teamwork-Based Approach Flashcards

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Sharon Eagle, Cindi Brassington, Cheri Goretti, Candace S. Dailey - 2009 - 1087 pages

ISBN: 0803616686, 9780803616684

This new textbook uses a multidisciplinary, integrated approach to learning that truly reflects the real world in which MAs practice, whether they're focused on the front or back office. From beginning to end, it offers comprehensive, competency-based coverage, complemented by an emphasis on multipl...e learning styles to better meet the needs of your students. Mastery of all the knowledge and skills that lead to CMA(AAMA) or RMA certification, plus flexibility, versatility, teamwork, and professionalism in the workplace, are the hallmarks of a successful and rewarding career as a Medical Assistant. Our integrated front- and back-office approach provides the foundation for success... Classroom building blocks--medical terminology, body structure and function, and pharmacology. Lab and clinical--building skills through hands-on practice. How it Works... Integrated Approach - Teamwork based - Multiple Learning Styles Unique approach helps students better understand how front-office duties affect back-office decisions, and vice versa. Geared to all students and all learning styles Solitary Learners Social Learners Auditory Learners Visual Learners Kinesthetic Learners Oral-Dependent Learners Writing-Dependent Learners A comprehensive approach that addresses all competences required by the AAMA and AMT Special focus on the attributes of a successful employee, need for teamwork and flexibility in the workplace, and importance of critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Assessment exercises help students identify their own learning styles, and suggested study strategies for each style are included. Organized into three main sections: General/Transdisciplinary Administrative Clinical A step-by-step, chapter-by-chapter, body systems approach to clinical competencies that includes relevant examinations and procedures. FREE for Students and Instructors, from F.A. Davis and Amazing Charts... Learn More. View a Demo. EMR Software to accompany The Professional Medical Assistant Patient data embedded in user-friendly, Windows-based EMR software Patients come directly from The Professional Medical Assistant Software package includes... More than 100 documentation templates Complete ICD-9 database for coding Orders for tests E&M coding helper Printable CMS-1500 for billing Adopters receive patient-specific learning activities in PDF format.

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Publisher: F. A. Davis Company


medical, allied health services, medical assistants, practice management & reimbursement

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