Introduction to Radiologic and Imaging Sciences and Patient Care Flashcards

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Arlene M. Adler - 2018 - 408 pages

ISBN: 0323566715, 9780323566711

Using a clear and concise format, Introduction to Radiologic and Imaging Sciences and Patient Care, 7th Edition delivers the latest radiologic, imaging science and patient care skills you need to prepare for certification and practice. This new edition includes updates on current digital imaging and... instrumentation, providing you with the essential information and tools needed to master any introduction to radiologic sciences class. Chapter review questions and lab activities available online and on tear sheets in the text give you easy access to on-the-go learning. This text not only helps to prepare you for parts of the certification exam, but the content provides useful and practical information that is needed for professional practice and clinical success. Step-by-step procedures presented in boxed lists throughout the text supply you with easy to follow steps so you are well prepared for clinical success. Back-of-book review questions provide you with an opportunity for review and greater challenge. More than 300 photos and line drawings help you understand and visualize patient-care procedures. Strong pedagogy, including chapter objectives, key terms, outline and summaries helps you organize information and ensure that you understand what is most important in every chapter. NEW and UPDATED! Updates on current digital imaging and instrumentation provide you with the important information you need for clinical success. NEW! The latest technical terminology incorporated throughout text keeps you up-to-date with industry verbiage. NEW and UPDATED! Appendices containing practice standards, professional organizations, state licensing agencies, the ARRT code of ethics and patient care partnership offer you additional information about professional opportunities and obligations and prepare you for what you will encounter in the practice environment.

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Publisher: Elsevier - Health Sciences Division

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