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Stephen R. Bolsover, Elizabeth A. Shephard, Hugh A. White, Jeremy S. Hyams - 2011 - 434 pages

ISBN: 0470526998, 9780470526996

CELL BIOLOGY The ultimate concise introduction to modern cell biology, now updated Taking an “essentials only” approach, Cell Biology: A Short Course, Third Edition tells the story of cells as the unit of life in a uniquely accessible, student-friendly manner. Completely updated from the previous ed...ition and now in full color, this accessible text features new chapters, a supporting website for students, and online supplemental material including PowerPoint slides for instructors. As in earlier editions, the authors combine their expertise in the areas of cell biology, physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology to skillfully present key concepts, illustrating them with clear diagrams and numerous examples from current research. Special sections focus on the importance of cell biology in medicine and industry today, with extensive cross-referencing to real-world research and development. In updating this text, the authors have provided such new material as: A chapter on the cell biology of the immune system Discussion of stem cells, cytokine receptors, the cell biology of cancer, and cell division “Medical Relevance” text boxes A family tree of organisms to reinforce cell biology differences among major taxa Online supplemental information for students, including interactive quizzes and animations Also included are a detailed description of intercellular signaling and a chapter devoted to a case study of cystic fi brosis. Review questions are included at the end of each chapter, as well as a full glossary of key words and phrases to help make even the most complex concepts easy to master. Ideally suited for undergraduate cell biology/biology majors, pre-med students, and graduate and medical school courses in cell biology, this Third Edition of Cell Biology is the most integrated introduction available on this fascinating and timely subject Visit the companion website www.wileyshortcourse.com/cellbiology for supplementary material, including animations, video, and useful links and references

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Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


science, life sciences, cell biology, microbiology

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